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Do Interactive Displays Belong in Your Higher Ed. Classroom?

Today’s incoming freshmen are typically more accustomed to using technology compared to student bodies ten years ago. An estimated 62% of students believe that digital learning technologies increase engagement with course material.

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LG Large Screen Signage Will Light Up Your Rooms

LG is a premiere manufacturer of digital signage and room display solutions, combining spectacular visuals and business-friendly functionality. With LG’s UM3DG-H series of displays, large screen signage takes another giant leap forward. 

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SMART 6000s Displays: The Dynamic Future of Education

Most students in the U.S. will be returning to in-person learning in the fall; but the last year has proven that remote learning works. Even if we never see another school year like 2020-21, remote education is here to stay. From elementary schools to universities, students who cannot attend in-person classes full time will be served through remote access to classrooms. And educational institutions will need multimedia tools like the SMART Board 6000S, Smart Technologies’ latest innovation in educational technology. 

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Poly Teams With Zoom To Create Zoom Phone Appliances

There are seemingly a million and one ways to connect with clients and colleagues these days, but the multitudinous options can sometimes bring issues with connectivity. Poly’s new partnership with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. was forged with seamless transitions in mind. Say hello to Zoom Phone Appliances, featuring Poly’s CCX line of desk phones. Engineered to offer the best of both worlds, Zoom Phone Appliances allow customers to enjoy full Zoom meetings and Poly phone experiences in one unit. 

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Pexip Cloud Is A Customizable Collaboration Solution For Everyone

A video conferencing solution offering more than HD video and high quality audio, Pexip Cloud conferencing platform delivers a host of tools and features that use AI to bring adaptive technology to collaborative experiences.

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Sharp NEC Teams With Avery Dennison To Launch ActiveScene

Sharp NEC, the newly minted joint venture of Sharp Corporation and NEC Display Solutions, has announced an exciting new partnership with Avery Dennison and the result is an innovative new display solution called ActiveScene. By combining Sharp NEC’s cutting edge projection technology and Avery Dennison’s Vela Dynamic System window film, ActiveScene transforms windows into captivating displays that can tell your company’s story in a fresh new way. 

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Monitor And Manage Your Spaces With Density

As U.S. employees return to the office and get back to some semblance of normalcy, the spaces they are returning will likely need to function differently. According to a recent survey, 70% of executives anticipate a post-COVID workplace that features far more free and unassigned seating, largely because many employees favor flexible schedules that allow them to split their time between home and office. 

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Reimagining Classroom Collaboration with ViewSonic

The last year of remote and hybrid learning has been incredibly challenging for students, teachers, parents and administrators. The sudden closure of schools and rapid shift into tech-mediated distance learning forced all involved to approach education as a day-to-day experiment in adaptation and flexibility.

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Solutionz Makes it Easier to Find and Win Grants

More state and federal grant funding sources for technology are available than at any other time in American history. Solutionz is uniquely positioned to help organizations apply for grants to pay for new technologies. Our Grants Program Services (GPS) team works directly with education, healthcare, government, non-profit and for-profit organizations to locate grants among the wide variety of available funds. In 2020, Solutionz GPS team helped our customers win $9,600,000 in awards! 2021 is expected to be a much bigger year! 

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The Importance Of Digital Signage In The Time Of Covid-19

We’ve written before about the importance of digital signage in an increasingly dynamic marketplace. The foundation of any public display strategy should prioritize responsiveness and flexibility, and those are precisely the qualities that a digital signage solution will bring to your advertising and customer outreach.

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Making The Case For Video Walls

We tend to focus on digital solutions as a means of collaboration between co-workers, and while that aspect of A/V integration is absolutely crucial, screen technology is also an excellent way to deliver powerful messages to your clients and business partners. In such cases, we are thinking about screens as a uni-directional format, less of a conversation and more of an announcement: this is who we are. And there is no better way to show visitors who you are than with a well-designed and inviting lobby or atrium. But instead of the traditional, inoffensive art and decoration, businesses now have recourse to video walls that boast high-definition images and easy content control. Let's take a look at the advantages of such an addition.

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Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Video And Audio Conferencing

When you think about how the majority of people communicate these days, what do you see? Text messages, right? Or some variation thereof: Slack messages, Facebook Messenger messages, Microsoft Teams chats. Text-based communication is understandably popular. For one thing, everyone already has the necessary infrastructure on their mobile devices. In addition, there is something so delightfully low-pressure about messaging--there’s no eye contact necessary, and you can compose your thoughts before sending them out into the world. Messaging is a true gift for anyone who struggles with shyness or social anxiety, but even the most socially adept among us revel in its ease.

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Enhance Customer Support with Huddle Rooms

The rise of video conferencing and collaboration solutions has been paralleled by a transformation of office spaces and meeting rooms. With more and more employees working from home or other remote sites, the need for large meeting rooms and individual offices and cubicles has declined. Many employees are part time residents of or occasional visitors to headquarters, and so huddle rooms, modest multi-purpose rooms that can be used on the fly, are becoming more prevalent. According to Wainhouse Research, there are approximately 50 million huddle rooms around the world. So huddle rooms aren’t only the future--they are also the now.

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Connect With Customers Using The Cloud

The central tenet of customer service is the same as it ever was: keep the customer happy! Which means: keep the customer coming back. ‘Tis the nature of business. But while the foundation of good customer service remains the same, the strategies and tactics you use to reach out to customers constantly shift and evolve. Staying engaged with and responsive to customers in 2018 requires a set of skills and technical interventions that would have been unimaginable thirty or twenty or even ten years ago.

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The Transformative Power Of The Huddle Room

What if we told you there was a very simple way to increase productivity, reduce your company’s real estate footprint, save money and keep your remote employees happy? Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not. You must simply embrace the beauty and power of the huddle room.

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