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Meet Our Customer Success Managers

Meet our Customer Success Managers (CSMs): your dedicated partners in AV excellence. With their expertise and proactive approach, they ensure swift problem resolution and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Trust them to elevate your AV experience to new heights.

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Your Partner in
AV Excellence

Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are your dedicated point of contact for your Support Services. Knowledgeable and able to connect you with the right resources, they show their commitment by proactively advocating for you. Most trouble ticket scenarios they cross aren’t their first rodeo. CSMs are empowered to escalate and expedite processes as needed in order to achieve swift problem resolution and customer satisfaction.

Ensuring Your AV Solutions Will Be Successful for the Long Haul
Takes Caring, Forethought and Planning

 They deliver this by offering:


A Focus on Your Needs

CSMs take the time to learn about your unique use cases, priorities and consequences of outages. Crafting custom success plans that are not one-size-fits all, but right-sized for you ensures your support and coverage is tailored to meet the unique demands of your organization.

Customer Success - Inbound Material

Superior Inbound Material

Hosting routine business reviews allows us to review your organization’s evolving needs & trouble tickets. These touchpoints ensure alignment with you in meeting and exceeding support expectations. Activities are scheduled based on what suits you, ensuring maximum uptime and rapid resolution of issues.


Light Years Ahead

By way of relationships, a CSM develops insight about your use case, needs and the consequences of downtime in your AV environment. If needed, they are knowledgeable about who to reach for help in order to expedite a solution. A second set of eyes overseeing trouble tickets helps to dodge speed humps that may arise in the path to resolution.

Customer Success - User Experience

Enhanced User Experience

Continual oversight of your Success Plan agreements on covered AV spaces keeps relevant information readily accessible, up-to-date and tidy. 

Why Choose Solutionz?

We're happy with the results -- When I see people bring their kids or their parents into the gym, that tells me that they're proud of it. Them being proud of it says a lot about how we hit our goal. People know that we are looking after them and we did the job right
Tom Porter
Sr. Vice President of Corporate Service, Edwards Lifesciences
Solutionz always made sure the customer was taken care of regardless of who was responsible in the contract.
Otto Orr
Director of Global Real Estate + Workplace Services, Blackbaud
When Haskell went back to the drawing board to equip their unique conference room, Solutionz's expertise met the challenge with high-definition technology designed to seamlessly connect teams across the globe.
Brad Kirkland
Chief Executive, YetiTech
UMX is running for eight hours a day in our classrooms. It allows for the natural ebb and flow of classes. Kids at a distance are seeing the same content on their screen and hearing the same lesson as the kids in the classroom.
Dr. Mike Woods
Superintendent, Hennessey Public Schools

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