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AV Support Services

AV and communication systems play a vital role in your success. That's why we go beyond simply supporting them - we maximize their potential by ensuring seamless operation, enhanced user adoption, and optimal ROI.

Comprehensive AV & UC Support Options for Every Need

Solutionz doesn't just offer AV support; we partner with you. We understand that every organization has unique needs and challenges. We offer a customized suite of support options:

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Adoption & Digital Training

Take the pressure off new technology implementations by ensuring your team has the tools and training to work efficiently. 

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Integrated Support

Enjoy peace of mind with comprehensive coverage, including 24/7 helpdesk, on-site visits, equipment, and customer care.

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Technician Staffing

Working alongside your team, benefit from part or full-time dedicated AV expertise for faster issue resolution and increased productivity. 

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Remote Monitoring & Management

Anticipate and address potential problems before they arise with 24/7 monitoring and automated testing, alerts, ticket generation & fixes.

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Device Support

Support for individual codecs, cameras, infrastructure, equipment, network modules & more.


Protect your networked AV systems from ever-evolving cyber threats with our specialized expertise.

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Request Support

Get quick and easy access to our support team via online portal, phone, or email. 

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Success Management

Team of professionals dedicated to customer advocacy, SLA monitoring, periodic customer & performance reviews.

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Why You Need AV Support Services

Routine maintenance, proactive monitoring, and expert assistance are the essential ingredients for keeping your AV systems running smoothly, minimizing downtime, and extending their lifespan. Ultimately, investing in AV support leads to a higher return on investment for your technology.
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Smooth, uninterrupted meetings and presentations.

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Crystal-clear video conferencing experiences.

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Effortless collaboration across teams and locations.

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Fewer IT headaches and more productive employees.

Discover the Power of Effective AV Support Services!

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Why Choose Solutionz?

When things fall into the cracks between all different consultants and team members (which happens quite frequently on a project this size), the Spinitar team always knew the answer. I can always count on Spinitar, [a Solutionz, Inc. Company], to get specific, responsive, and efficient answers to my questions! They always help us stay ahead of the curve and get to a place where we were ready for classes when they started.

Jacob Pinholster
Founding Director, Media and Immersive eXperience (MIX) Center
It was a really great experience working with Solutionz; even to the point that Solutionz now has the maintenance agreement for our other showpiece room."
Tara Williams
Director, Information Technology Services, Randolph Community College

In the end, it’s about value. We don’t look for the least expensive. We don’t look for the most expensive. We look for the best value. We're happy with the results, and I think the feedback, I can tell you, is it's not just the employees. When I see people bring in their kids or their parents and come to the gym, that tells me they're proud of it. Them being proud of it says a lot about how we hit our goal: people know that we are looking after them and we did the job right.

Tom Porter
Sr. Vice President of Corporate Service, Edwards Lifesciences
The school’s handle on technology has been instrumental to students’ continued success throughout the Covid pandemic. The College and Career Counselors have been able to use video collaboration services to connect with students to plan their futures, and even orchestrate Zoom-based virtual job shadowing. I imagine this is the direction all schools will go, because virtual collaboration is not going to go away - in fact it will only become more important in the future.
Torey Bradley
Director of Technology & Information Systems, Marietta City Schools
It was almost instantaneous. With the teachers and their creativity, the wheels were spinning about how the technology can be used in the classroom. The trainer’s knowledge base is incredible as well as her ability to connect with our teachers.
Dean Wheeler
Co-Founder & CEO, AcclaimWorks
Solutionz always made sure the customer was taken care of regardless of who was responsible in the contract.
Otto Orr
Director of Global Real Estate + Workplace Services, Blackbaud
When Haskell went back to the drawing board to equip their unique conference room, Solutionz's expertise met the challenge with high-definition technology designed to seamlessly connect teams across the globe.
Brad Kirkland
Chief Executive, YetiTech

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