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Video Walls & Large Format Displays

Liven and brighten your environment with video walls and large format displays. Create high-impact and immersive experiences for your organization.

Video Walls That Make an Impression

Video walls and large format displays can make a huge impact on visitors, customers, employees, shoppers, and passersby. From offices, airports, and retail shops to hospitals and college campuses, video walls are an effective way to get the attention of crowds and wow them with your message. Even in less trafficked areas like command centers, a large format display can ensure critical data is clearly seen.

Edwards Lifesciences

Our Video Wall and Large Format Display Solutions Are Designed to Help You:

Enhance Visual Impact
Convey information and content in a captivating and memorable way.
Improve Communication and Collaboration
Effectively communicate and share messages in event spaces, educational institutions, public areas, and even large meeting spaces.
Provide Immersive Experiences
Create engaging and interactive content in schools, museums, entertainment venues, retail spaces, or anywhere people visit.







Talk to Solutionz About the Right Display for Your Application

In all of the industry sectors, the common benefits of high-impact technologies like video walls and large-format displays include better communication, enhanced aesthetics, increased engagement and interaction, and the ability to convey information effectively and dynamically. They also help modernize spaces and provide richer user experiences.

Video wall and large format display


Give Retail Sales a Boost

Get busy shoppers’ attention with video walls and large format displays. Give them a reason to keep shopping or take advantage of a deal. Here are ways to use video walls in a retail environment: 

Customer Engagement: Video walls in retail environments can attract attention and create immersive experiences that influence buying behavior.

Dynamic Advertising: Vibrant, eye-catching displays of products and promotions can be easily updated for seasonal offers or new products.

Brand Reinforcement: Large format displays are powerful tools for reinforcing brand identity through high-quality visuals and storytelling.

Higher Education

Get the Word Out on Your Higher Ed Campus 

Communicate with students, faculty, staff, and visitors with large format displays. These are some of the ways you can make campus life more engaging with video wall solutions:

Interactive Learning: Create an interactive and engaging learning environment where you can quickly and easily share information and data in visually interesting ways.

Campus Communication: Make campus-wide announcements, promote events, and share important news and information.

Facility Enhancement: Modernize your campus and help attract prospective students and faculty.

Sense of Community: Using large format displays for gaming and immersive experiences can support team-building and a sense of camaraderie.


Bring Museums to Life

Make museums more interactive and lively with display technology that informs visitors about exhibits and enhances the museum experience. Here are some uses:

Interactive Exhibits: Video walls can supplement exhibits or become their own exhibit by creating interactive and engaging experiences.

Storytelling and Education: Inform visitors with narration or recreations of historical events or scientific phenomena.

Versatile Display Options: Large format displays let visitors see art and articles in high resolution or with zooming features without endangering valuable or historic objects.

Public Spaces

Liven Up Public Spaces

Create a sense of personality and community with indoor or outdoor display technology. These are some of ways neighborhoods are using large format displays: 

Community Engagement: Use display technologies to make community announcements, provide public service information, and support communal activities.

Artistic Displays: Display technology can support public art installations or showcase digital art and make spaces more dynamic and culturally rich.

Emergency Information: Effectively broadcast emergency alerts and safety information to the public.


Engage Travelers in Transportation Hubs

Travelers often need information quickly as they move between destinations. Here are ways display technologies can help inform and entertain people on the move:

Real-Time Information: In transportation hubs, video walls provide real-time information on schedules, delays, and routes, improving the passenger experience.

Wayfinding: Large displays can aid in navigation through large transportation centers like airports and train stations.

Advertising Revenue: These displays can be a source of advertising revenue, sharing relevant promotions to travelers.

Video Walls That Stop Visitors in Their Tracks

Large format displays and video walls can inspire, inform, entertain, and prompt visitors to stop and take action. Solutionz can create a show-stopping solution while still making video wall installation and management easy.

Video Wall Installation

5-Step Corporate Video Wall Support

Corporate Video Wall Support


1. Planning and Layout

We will help define your goals and layout needs, as well as determine the ideal size, resolution, and display type for your space.

2. Display Selection and Mounting

Our team will help choose high-quality displays with thin bezels and a robust mounting system for seamless integration.

3. Content Source Connection

The Solutionz team will choose the right cabling and connectors to ensure easy connectivity to computers, media players, and content sources.

4. Professional Installation and Calibration

Our experts provide installation and precise calibration to ensure optimal performance.

5. Content Management and Training

We can implement a content management system and train your team to operate and maintain it easily.

Modular Design Tool

You can use modular design to get the exact building blocks you need to build beautiful website and landing pages.

Display Technologies That Engage, Inform, and Delight

Video walls and large format displays can brighten and modernize all kinds of spaces. If you’re planning an installation, here’s more about the technologies that go into creating these impressive displays.
Large Video Wall

Video Walls

This display technology uses multiple monitors or projectors pieced together into a single large screen. Video walls can display a single image or several at the same time. They are used in stadiums, universities, control rooms, high-end hotels, shopping centers, large public venues, and many other spaces.

LED Display

LED Walls

These displays use LEDs (light-emitting diodes) to light the screen. They provide optimal brightness and durability, so they work well outdoors or in areas with bright lighting. The modular design makes it easy to create large-scale displays for arenas, entertainment venues, and sports stadiums. With high refresh rates, they provide vivid experiences for live events and dynamic content.

Large Format Display

Large Format Displays (LFD)

These large-form digital or flat-panel displays consist of a single screen. They use LED or LCD technology, often ranging between 32 and 90 inches. They're popular in stores, classrooms, and office settings.

projector in AV

Projection Systems

Projectors are common in classrooms and spacious meeting environments. They can create large images and are good for spaces where the lighting isn't too bright, and the technology can be easily accessed for maintenance.

LCD Display

LCD & OLED Displays

LCD (liquid-crystal display) and OLED (organic light-emitting diode) are essentially TVs, while large format displays don't come with built-in tuning or speaker capabilities. These technologies are affordable and versatile options for smaller spaces and individual displays.

Emerging technology

Emerging Technologies

Some new technologies show promise for becoming more commonplace features of large-scale displays. For example, you may soon see more holographic displays with 3D imagery and interactive displays on room surfaces.

Talk to Solutionz About Video Walls and Large-Format Displays

Bric Large Video Wall

Services to Make More of Your Digital Display Technologies

Finding the right solutions is only part of implementing a successful video wall or large format display solution. These are some of the ways Solutionz can support your organization’s digital display projects.

Choosing the
Right Solution

Technical Considerations: Our team will help you choose a solution with the right resolution, size, brightness, and viewing distance for your goals and budget. 

Content and Application: We will tailor your video wall solution to your organization’s content needs and planned viewer experience.

Installation and Maintenance: Solutionz is experienced in installing and maintaining digital display technologies and understands space, power consumption, and ongoing maintenance needs.

Experts in audiovisual
AV Technical Support

Support & Maintenance

Proactive Maintenance: We provide regular technology checkups and software updates to prevent technical issues and maintain optimal performance.

Remote Monitoring: Our team offers real-time monitoring of system health to identify and address potential problems before they cause issues.

On-site Support: Solutionz experts will come to your site to troubleshoot and complete necessary hardware or software repairs.

Warranty Coverage: We offer a comprehensive warranty on equipment and guarantees for our services.

Featured Solutions

Why Choose dvLED Video Wall Solution:

Modular Design: Our modular system allows for creative video wall designs that connect people, places, and experiences. It's the perfect canvas for your out-of-the-box ideas.

Ease of Use: Designing and ordering your video wall has never been easier. With ready-to-ship solutions and online support tools, we streamline the process for you.

Expert Assistance: Our TiLED Solution Services team is on standby to assist you at every step, ensuring a smooth experience from concept to completion.

video wall in airport

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