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Conference & Meeting Rooms

Build connections, spark innovation, and share ideas in collaboration spaces built for the modern hybrid workplace.
Conference Room

Collaboration Spaces for the Modern Workplace

Hybrid work has transformed the traditional office, shifting the focus from individual desks to dynamic spaces where teams can connect and collaborate. This evolution requires a new approach to meeting room design that caters to diverse needs and fosters a sense of inclusion for in-person and remote participants.

From fully equipped conference rooms for large presentations to intimate huddle spaces for brainstorming sessions, each collaboration space is critical in empowering teams and driving business success.

Conference & Meeting Rooms: Where Ideas Take Center Stage

Conference Room Presentation

Powerful Impactful Presentations

Large displays and advanced technology transform presentations into interactive experiences, engaging everyone in the room and beyond.

Conference Room Meeting

Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Virtual

Sophisticated video conferencing systems ensure seamless collaboration and equal participation, regardless of location. You'll hear every voice and see every face.

Conference Room Productivity

Enhanced Focus and Productivity

Ergonomic furniture and noise-canceling features facilitate productive discussions and brainstorming sessions. Thoughts flow freely. Solutions take shape.

Collaboration Spaces: Sparking Innovation and Teamwork

Collaboration Spaces

Fueling creativity and innovation: Informal and dynamic settings encourage spontaneous interactions and out-of-the-box thinking, leading to innovative solutions that push boundaries.

Promoting teamwork and problem-solving: Whiteboards and interactive displays provide a canvas for collaborative brainstorming and effective problem-solving.

Enhancing employee engagement and well-being: Comfortable and inviting spaces foster a sense of belonging and encourage team building. Collaboration becomes more than work. It's a shared experience that promotes satisfaction and retention.

Huddle Rooms: Maximizing Efficiency for Small Teams

Huddle Room

Compact and Functional

Informal and dynamic settings encourage spontaneous interactions and out-of-the-box thinking, leading to innovative solutions that push boundaries.


Reducing Distractions and Boosting Productivity

Well-equipped spaces allow teams to concentrate on tasks without disruptions, increasing efficiency and productivity. No distractions, just pure focus.

Supporting Business Workflows

Supporting Business Workflows

Flexible technology enables teams to quickly adapt the space to their needs and tasks. Collaboration tasks on new forms, an innovation thrives.

Personal Conferencing Pods: Your Private Oasis for Focused Communication

Personal conference pod

Escape the noise and distractions: Soundproofed and private, these personal pods offer a sanctuary for phone calls, video conferences, and individual work.

Enhanced privacy and confidentiality: Secure spaces ensure your conversations remain confidential, allowing you to discuss sensitive matters without worry.

Increased productivity and concentration: Free from distractions, you can focus on your tasks and achieve peak performance.

Promote well-being and mindfulness: Quiet spaces allow you to escape noise and distractions, helping you manage stress and maintain focus.

Our Collaboration Spaces Are Designed to Help You:

Get Things Done Together
Equip your teams with cutting-edge technology that fuels seamless collaboration, bridging the gap between virtual and physical groups.
Spark Brilliant Ideas
Unleash creativity and innovation in stimulating and adaptable spaces that encourage out-of-the-box thinking and groundbreaking ideas.
Build a Strong Community

Cultivate a sense of belonging and connection within your organization through welcoming and inviting spaces that support spontaneous interactions and teamwork.

Collaboration Spaces That Connect and Inspire

These spaces are more than just meeting rooms; they are dynamic hubs where ideas come to life, relationships are built, and teams achieve more together. Solutionz understands the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the hybrid workplace.

Conference and Meeting

Featured Solution

Poly Studio G62

Create the ideal meeting space with the Poly Studio G62. This modular system connects seamlessly to cameras, microphones, and 3rd party components, featuring easy installation with magnetic mounts and PoE+ power. Enjoy advanced features like DirectorAI and NoiseBlockAI. Contact sales to elevate your meetings today.

Technology That Enables Collaboration Spaces

Modern collaboration spaces go beyond physical design — they're powered by cutting-edge technology that elevates communication and interaction. Equip your team for success with these collaboration-enhancing technologies.

Control Systems

Control Systems

Simplify room management with user-friendly interfaces — launch every meeting with a single button touch. Switch video feeds easily. Optimize your environment with control for lighting and window shades.

Presentation Technologies

Presentation Technologies

Engage your audience with high-resolution projectors, crystal-clear displays, or awe-inspiring video walls. Deliver presentations with stunning clarity, captivate attention, and scale your technology to fit the size and needs of your space.

Interactive Display Whiteboards

Interactive Displays & Whiteboards

Transform your collaboration spaces into vibrant brainstorming, problem-solving, and idea-sharing hubs. Annotate, draw, and collaborate in real-time, facilitating a more engaging and productive experience.

BYOD Wireless Connectivity

BYOD and Wireless Connectivity

Collaborate seamlessly across devices from wherever you may be – whether you’re in the office, on the go, or making last-minute changes before your next meeting.

Cybersecurity Physical Security

Physical Security & Access Control Systems

Safeguard your collaboration spaces and sensitive information with advanced security solutions. Access control systems and intelligent technologies restrict access to authorized personnel, ensuring a secure and productive environment.

Lets Chat with Solutionz

Talk to Solutionz About Collaboration Technologies

Equipping your team with these innovative technology solutions can unlock a world of possibilities and empower your team to collaborate, create, and achieve more together.

Beyond Technology: Supporting Room
Features for Optimal Collaboration

Creating a successful collaboration space requires more than just technology; it also demands attention to the physical environment. Beyond the latest gear, consider these supporting features that can enhance your team's experience and encourage collaboration:

Furniture AV World


Invest in comfortable, ergonomic furniture to ensure productive collaboration sessions. Choose adjustable chairs and tables that promote good posture and allow for flexible configurations. These choices ensure everyone feels comfortable and supported, boosting focus and engagement.

Lighting Conference Room


Proper lighting can significantly impact your collaboration space's mood, focus, and productivity. Consider incorporating adjustable lighting options to tailor the environment to the specific activity. Natural light is always a welcome addition, promoting well-being and alertness.

Shades For Corporate Room


While natural light is beneficial, sometimes you need the ability to control it. Incorporate blinds, curtains, or other shade options to adjust lighting levels and prevent glare on screens. You'll enjoy a more comfortable and focused environment, regardless of the time of day or external conditions.

Soundproof Collaboration Space


Noise pollution can be a significant distraction in any work environment. Consider incorporating soundproofing options into your space to ensure focused collaboration and private conversations. Solutions could include acoustic panels, soundproof booths, or dedicated quiet rooms.

Reservation Systems

Room-Reservation Systems

Does searching for meeting rooms frustrate employees? Room-reservation systems provide clear availability information and promote collaboration. These systems save time, encourage spontaneous interaction, and optimize space utilization.

Talk To Solutionz

Talk to Solutionz About Supporting Room Features

Consider additional features that can elevate your team's overall experience and promote synergy in the workspace.

Supporting Room Features AV

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