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Integrated Support Services

Choose from a range of customizable services and SLAs to optimize your AV systems and empower your team for seamless collaboration and ultimate success.

Integrated AV Support for Every Organization

As the modern business environment continues to evolve, uninterrupted audiovisual (AV) system performance is critical. Solutionz offers custom Integrated Support plans, ensuring your AV systems are consistently operating at their best. Our Integrated Support service provides:

Comprehensive Support-2


Complete System Coverage

In-depth support for all aspects of your AV and communication systems, encompassing hardware, software, and network infrastructure.

Dedicated Support Team

A committed team offering streamlined and efficient service, acting as your single point of contact for all AV support needs.

Comprehensive Assistance

From basic troubleshooting to complex system challenges, we ensure every issue is addressed swiftly and effectively.

System Optimizations

Proactive recertification visits and system checks guarantee optimal performance.

All-Inclusive Support for Seamless AV Operations

Our integrated support plan is designed to cater to all aspects of your AV needs. 

Emergency Operations Center (3)


  • Unlimited 24/7 global help desk support

  • Localized Customer Support Coordinators

  • Variable SLAs, including emergency response

  • Unlimited onsite technical support

  • Equipment coverage, spares, and replacements

  • Pre-scheduled recertification visits

  • Manufacturer warranty support

Ensure the Best for
Your AV Systems

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Scalable for growth

Reliable Equipment Care & Extended Warranty Support

Rely on our thorough approach to equipment and warranty management:

Extended Warranty
Enhanced coverage for your peace of mind.
Regular Recertifications
Scheduled testing and health checks to keep your systems in top condition.
Quick Access to Spare Parts
Efficiently managed inventory to ensure fast replacements and minimal downtime.

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