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Command & Control Centers

Reliable data, display, and network technologies help improve security and trust in your command and control centers. 

Command Center

Mission-Critical Command and Control Center Design

Clear decision-making requires clear communication and access to easy-to-understand information. Command and control rooms and emergency operation centers (EOCs) require reliable, state-of-the-art technologies. 

When time, accuracy, security, and clarity are critical, you want to be sure your command and control center is equipped to handle any crisis.

Our Command and Control Rooms Solutions Are Designed to Help You:

Act Quickly
When seconds count, your team doesn’t have time to dig for data, so our high-performance command and control centers make sure decision-makers have critical data at their fingertips.
Communicate Clearly
Bridge the gap between teams with our integrated communication platforms so teams can collaborate and respond efficiently.
Improve Operational Efficiency
Streamline data insights and optimize workflows to drive clear decision-making.

Ensure Clarity in Command and Control Rooms

Whether you’re a government agency, a large corporation, or an emergency response organization, a control and command center can help:

Emergency Operations Center

Efficient and Secure Communications

A command and control room will give users the ability to quickly gain valuable insights, make key decisions, and communicate with others. Here are some features and capabilities an EOC should have. 

Network Reliability and Redundancy: Ensure that your network can handle high volumes of data and that there are backup systems to ensure continuous operation.

Integration with Existing Systems: Integrate existing systems with your IT infrastructure for efficient operations and secure data sharing.

Communication Redundancy: Make sure you have an alternative communication method (like satellite phones or radio systems) in case primary networks are compromised during an emergency.


User Interface and Accessibility

Data accessibility and easy-to-use solutions are essential to time-sensitive command center operations. These are some key considerations.

Intuitive and User-friendly Interfaces: Choose technology systems that are easy to use even under stressful circumstances or with limited technical expertise.

Accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities: Implement systems and workstations that can be easily accessed by individuals with disabilities to ensure that everyone can work effectively in critical situations.

Training and Support for Users: Make sure personnel are adequately trained on technologies to ensure they are proficient in a real-life emergency.

Interface and Accessibility Situation Room
Operational Disaster Recovery

Operational Continuity and Disaster Recovery

The nature of emergencies is that they are unpredictable. Here are some of the ways you can be better prepared. 

Data Security and Cybersecurity: Safeguard sensitive information and protect against cyberattacks with integrated security protections and protocols.

Regulatory Compliance: Meet industry regulations and standards by choosing solutions with built-in compliance measures.

Power Backup and Redundancy: Ensure continuous operation by protecting against power outages and disruptions with backup generators or uninterruptible power supplies.

Disaster Recovery Plans: Solidify plans for recovering from natural disasters or other large-scale emergencies, especially in case of damage to your EOC's physical infrastructure or IT systems.


Command and Control Room Solutions for Clear Data Communication

Video, audio, networking, and control technology are just some of the essentials of a modern command center. Solutionz designs command centers across industries and understands what is required in EOCs and war rooms.  

Communications Room

Technology That Supports Command and Control Rooms

Technology is at the center of command and control centers. These are some of the most important elements you need to build your ideal Emergency Operations Center.
Video Walls

Video Walls

Large high-resolution video walls are available in numerous configurations, with room for multiple content streams to ensure decision-makers can see essential data in a timely manner.

Communication Systems

Communication Systems

Choose a communication platform designed for command centers and that support both internal team communication and secure external collaboration.

Data Visualization Tools

Data Visualization Tools

Real-time data streams and interactive dashboards ensure decision-makers don't waste time looking for up-to-date information.

Audio Systems In AV

Audio Systems

Clear audio capture and distribution are essential to communications in your command operations center.

Control systems

Additional Technologies

Control systems, ergonomic designs, environmental controls, backup systems, and future-proof designs are other considerations when building your command center.

Talk to Solutionz

Talk to Solutions About Command and Control Room Design and Installation.

Designing a command and control room requires technical expertise, but the right combination of solutions will result in a reliable, secure command center where your team can confidently make critical decisions.

Why Work With Solutionz for Command and Control Centers

We serve as a strategic technology partner to help you design the best possible EOC for your organization. Our team also provides support and special services for command and control centers.

Integration Expertise and Experience

Integration Experts


Partnerships and Collaborations

Solutionz maintains a network of partners that includes many of the industry’s leading technology vendors. 

Complete Integration

Our proven integration services encompass everything from design, cabling, lighting, and furniture to ensuring connectivity and compatibility between your audiovisual systems and IT infrastructure. 

Training and Certifications

Our team maintains numerous certifications and accreditations, including PMI Certified Project Management Professionals and EMI-FEMA NIMS Certified Technicians.

Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

Remote Management

We provide remote management solutions that reduce management costs as well as the risk of downtime.

24-Hour Support

We offer remote and on-site support services to help you minimize downtime.

Training and User Adoption

Solutionz provides on-site operator system training of user-friendly interfaces to ensure your team can confidently navigate the technology during critical situations. 

Strategic Value

Strategic Value


Customization and Advanced Technology

Solutionz tailors systems and interfaces to suit your organizational needs. 

Scalability and Flexibility

We design systems that can be adapted to changing operational requirements. 

Branding and Aesthetics

Our team can incorporate your branding and design a visually appealing space.  

Commitment to Excellence

Solutionz is dedicated to upholding high-quality standards, staying up-to-date on industry certifications, and providing long-term support.

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