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AV System Design & Integration

Simplify processes, collaboration, and workflows by upgrading technology with advanced system design and integration.

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Streamline Processes and Communication with AV System Design and Integration

Many organizations end up with technologies that are a collection of tools that were chosen as they were needed. Systems weren’t necessarily designed based on a cohesive and strategic plan. This approach was chaotic even before everyone had to contend with complex video conferencing and collaboration platforms for hybrid and remote work. 

But now thoughtful audiovisual (AV) system design and integration is essential for companies that want to stay competitive and save immense amounts of time by automating tasks, eliminating redundancy, and simplifying processes. 

Our System Design and Integration Services Help You:

Bring Your Vision to Life

Expert integrators tailor AV systems to align with your specific operational needs and business goals.

Reduce Growing Pains

Our integrated AV solutions help you grow at scale and leave room for inevitable technological advancements.

Strategize for Success

Transform your AV systems into strategic assets that improve daily operations and support your long-term objectives.

Keep Up With Technology

Stay at the forefront with cutting-edge, reliable, and durable technology from reputable manufacturers.

Integrate Technologies for Better Communication

When your audio, video, communication, and collaboration systems all work together you’ll save more than time. Everyone will have greater access to more information and opportunities. Solutionz understands how to connect technology, people, and ideas.

Integrate Technologies for Communication

System Design and Integration for a Unified Organization

At Solutionz, we specialize in delivering tailored AV solutions to help you meet your business objectives. Our process is meticulous, starting from the initial consultation and extending through ongoing support. We ensure your AV system is not just a tool, but a long-term asset. Our process includes:

System Design and Integration for Unified


Tailored Consultation for Precise Solutions

Our team begins with an in-depth consultation to grasp your vision then follow with a comprehensive needs analysis. This process includes site evaluations, stakeholder discussions, and a workflow examination to ensure our design will meet your business demands

Strategic Design and Technology Selection

We take a strategic, hands-on approach to designing AV systems. We create blueprints and carefully select technology to ensure that every piece of equipment is high-quality. Our strong partnerships with leading and reputable manufacturers enable us to provide you with the best, most cost-effective AV solutions.

Meticulous Integration and Quality Assurance

AV system integration–including installation, programming, and configuration–is executed with precision. We adhere to stringent quality standards to guarantee superior performance and industry compliance.

User Empowerment and Continuous Support

Post-installation, we offer extensive training for your team to ensure proficient use of the new AV system. We also offer ongoing support, upgrades, and troubleshooting to maximize system durability and efficiency.

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