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Sunbelt Rentals, a leader in the equipment and tool rental industry, recently upgraded its headquarters in Fort Mill, SC. Reflecting their commitment to seamless communication and collaboration, Sunbelt Rentals invested in state-of-the-art technology systems designed to connect with customers, employees, and partners.  

The Challenge: 

Prior to the upgrade, Sunbelt Rentals' video conferencing setup lacked consistency. Different cameras and setups in various conference rooms created a confusing user experience.  Mark Allegretti, Senior Collaboration Engineer, explains, "A seamless and consistent technology experience in each conference room was of high importance to our team." 

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The Solution: 

Solutionz, a national AV integration company, partnered with Sunbelt Rentals to create a standardized AV solution across their 60 conference rooms, 15 executive offices, and 5 training rooms. The focus was on user-friendliness, functionality, and versatility. 

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Key features of the new AV system include: 

Standardization: Consistent hardware and software across all rooms ensures a smooth user experience and simplifies troubleshooting for IT. 

Versatility: Nanolumens Video walls with stunning visuals were installed for presentations and training. 

Functionality: Interactive displays, high-quality cameras, microphones, and speakers deliver clear audio and video for all participants, regardless of location. 

Smart features: AI-enabled cameras in boardrooms automatically focus on the speaker, promoting inclusivity and better engagement. 


The Benefits: 

Improved Communication and Collaboration: The standardized system streamlines communication and collaboration across Sunbelt Rentals' entire organization. 

Enhanced User Experience: The new AV systems have user-friendly interfaces and consistent setups, making them easy for employees to use. 

Increased Efficiency: Consistent technology simplifies troubleshooting and maintenance for the IT team. 

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The Takeaway: 

Sunbelt Rentals' commitment to modernizing its communication infrastructure positions them for a future of seamless collaboration. By implementing a standardized AV solution, Sunbelt Rentals has not only ensured a consistent user experience across all its conference rooms and offices but has also empowered its employees with versatile and user-friendly technology.

This investment in enhanced communication will undoubtedly contribute to improved efficiency, increased employee satisfaction, and a more connected company culture. This seamless experience will foster better communication and collaboration across the entire organization, ultimately propelling Sunbelt Rentals toward continued success. 

Ready to Create a Unified and Inclusive Work Environment?

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