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Technician Staffing Services

Streamline operations, elevate user experience, and maximize ROI with Solutionz's Technician Staffing — all without increasing permanent headcount.

Improve Your Operations with Dedicated
AV and IT Support

With Technician Staffing from Solutionz, you receive top-tier AV Technical Support and IT Support Services remotely or directly at your location. Our skilled technicians ensure:
Immediate Technical Solutions

Immediate Technical Solutions

With our personnel, you can expect quick and efficient resolution of technical issues, ensuring minimal downtime.

Support Services CTA

Proactive AV Technical Support

Continuous recertification and system checks, keeping your AV operations smooth and reliable.

User Exeperience

Enhanced User Experience

Our technicians bring specialized knowledge to manage and support your unique AV and IT needs effectively.

Integrate Tech for Better Communication

Maximized System Performance

Regular system optimization by our skilled technicians leads to sustained performance and productivity.

Classroom Technology

Seamless Technology Integration

Expert guidance in integrating new technologies smoothly with your existing systems.

Secure and Reliable

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Flexible Technical Staffing, Maximum Impact

Choose the level of support you need, from part-time assistance to full-time technical expertise, from remote to on-site without the need to increase your headcount.

Our Flexible Staffing Options Provide:

Customizable Support

Customizable Support

Whether part-time, full-time, remote or on-site our technicians adapt to your requirements.
Expert Problem Solving

Expert Problem Solving

Access to our internal resources and partner network ensures quick resolutions to complex challenges.

Onsite AV/IT Personnel:
Driving Efficiency and Productivity

Solutionz technicians are more than support staff; they're trained professionals adept at managing AV and unified communications systems. With their expertise, your organization benefits from:
Maximized Uptime

Maximized Uptime

Keep your operations running smoothly with minimal interruptions.

Boosted Productivity

Equip your team with efficiently functioning AV systems and skilled support.

Boosted Productivity


Reduce long-term expenses with proactive health checks and optimized system performance.

Enhanced User Experience

Provide your team with the confidence of having immediate AV support on hand.

Enhanced Experience

Why Choose Solutionz?

UMX is running for eight hours a day in our classrooms. It allows for the natural ebb and flow of classes. Kids at a distance are seeing the same content on their screen and hearing the same lesson as the kids in the classroom.
Dr. Mike Woods
Superintendent, Hennessey Public Schools
We're happy with the results -- When I see people bring their kids or their parents into the gym, that tells me that they're proud of it. Them being proud of it says a lot about how we hit our goal. People know that we are looking after them and we did the job right
Tom Porter
Sr. Vice President of Corporate Service, Edwards Lifesciences
Solutionz always made sure the customer was taken care of regardless of who was responsible in the contract.
Otto Orr
Director of Global Real Estate + Workplace Services, Blackbaud
When Haskell went back to the drawing board to equip their unique conference room, Solutionz's expertise met the challenge with high-definition technology designed to seamlessly connect teams across the globe.
Brad Kirkland
Chief Executive, YetiTech

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