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Phishing & Security Awareness Training

A versatile solution for an effective and enduring security awareness program.

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Phishing vishing passwords safe data sharing

Responsible Phishing Simulations

Phishing simulations are crafted to teach with efficiency and respect, accurately reflecting genuine threats in a relaxed setting.

Security awareness training cyber awareness incident handling

Exceptional Training Content

Captivating and entertaining training materials guarantee a deep understanding and lasting memory of essential cybersecurity concepts.

Support security professionals awareness training initiatives

Support and Services

Delivering comprehensive assistance and solutions, guaranteeing seamless coordination and effective implementation of security awareness initiatives.

Security awareness reporting cyber cybersecurity education awareness

Reporting and Guidance

Through clear, succinct reports and expert advice, we assist organizations in gauging their progress and enhancing their approaches to cybersecurity education.

ROI phishing training managed service training library

Our one-of-a-kind training library can help you shift from passive awareness to active empowerment.

  • Managed Service - including at least one monthly phishing simulation and course enrollment
  • Dive into content that's not only engaging but also packed with humor, specifically crafted to sharpen your team’s ability to spot threats.
  • Get access to essential compliance training on key regulations such as PCI, GDPR, and HIPAA.
  • Plus, with our reporting plugin compatible with both Outlook and Google, your staff can easily and safely report any email that raises suspicion.
  • Continuously updated library of training and phishing templates

Stay Ahead of Threats: Discover how our comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training can fortify your defenses. 


Unlock the unparalleled capabilities of our Security Awareness Training program through a tailored demo. See how our innovative solution strengthens your cybersecurity posture and equips your team with the knowledge to protect against threats.

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Equip your team with the knowledge they need to combat cyber threats effectively.