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Posture Assessment

The first step in developing a strategy for full cybersecurity protection is understanding where your organization is vulnerable. We offer flexible cybersecurity programs tailored to your needs based on a comprehensive report showing your current threat landscape.

Light Years Ahead

Understanding your current cybersecurity posture lays the foundation for a comprehensive solution that will protect your data for years to come.

Building a secure data protection plan starts with reviewing your organization’s policies, procedures, IT assets, software programs, and networks.

A completed posture assessment allows our team to cost-effectively help your team build out the technology and processes for full data security aligned with industry best practices.

  • Asset and Controls Management

  • Configuration and Change Management

  • Employee Training and Awareness

  • External Dependencies Management

  • Incident Response Plans

  • Service Continuity Management

  • Vulnerability and Risk Management

Download a Sample Report

We know that conducting a full review of your cybersecurity posture is a big decision. Download a Sample Report to see the specifics of what you can expect from our comprehensive assessment.

Cybersecurity Posture Assessment Incident Response Plan Vulnerability and Risk Management


Our senior-level CISOs and security engineers have decades of experience building fully functional cybersecurity programs. You are in good hands. Schedule your cybersecurity posture assessment today!

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