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Government AV Solutions

Discover how Solutionz's AV solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of government agencies, enhancing public services, secure communication, and operational efficiency.

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Enhancing Public Services and Security

Delivering essential public services effectively hinges on secure and efficient communication within government operations. Solutionz specializes in delivering audio-visual solutions that meet the stringent requirements of State, Local, and Federal agencies.

Our commitment to understanding the specific needs of government entities and providing unparalleled service establishes us as the prime partner for government agencies aiming to leverage technology to enhance public engagement and operational efficiency.

Why Choose Solutionz for Government AV?

Secure and reliable IT

Secure and Reliable

We offer solutions designed with security and reliability at the forefront to meet the rigorous standards of government operations.

Customized Solution

Customized Solutions

Tailored AV systems that align with the unique demands of public services, from secure video conferencing to emergency response systems.

Customer Service Support

Comprehensive Support

Ongoing support to ensure your AV infrastructure continues to serve your agency's needs effectively and efficiently.

Scalable Technology (3)

Scalable Solutions

Our AV technologies are scalable, ready to grow, and adapt to the evolving demands of public services and security measures.

Challenges and Solutions in the Government Sector


Secure Communication

Implement advanced secure video conferencing and communication systems that comply with governmental security standards.


Public Information Dissemination

Utilize digital signage and content creation tools for effective public communication and emergency alerts.


Real-Time Decision Making

Design state-of-the-art command and control centers for real-time monitoring and decision-making.


Responding to a Crisis

Develop robust emergency response systems that ensure swift communication and coordination during crises.

Why Choose Solutionz for Government AV?

Each solution is tailored to meet the distinct needs of government operations, ensuring secure, efficient, and transparent public services. 

Conference Room (7)

Wayfinding Systems

Implement wayfinding systems in government buildings for efficient navigation, enhancing visitor experiences, and ensuring safety.

Public Meeting Rooms/City Council Rooms

Equip large meeting and city council rooms with AV solutions that promote clear communication and enable public participation in governance processes.


Specialized AV solutions for courtrooms ensure clarity and fairness in legal proceedings, supporting the clear projection of evidence and effective communication.

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Streaming Solutions

Essential for maintaining public access and transparency, our streaming solutions enable live broadcasting of legislative committee meetings, city or county council meetings, and other government events. This ensures that government meetings are accessible to the public, fostering transparency and community engagement.

Emergency Operations Centers

Equip Emergency Operations Centers with advanced AV solutions to enhance decision-making and coordination during crises. Our technology supports real-time data sharing, communication among agencies, and public information dissemination, crucial for effective emergency response.


Secure your AV and IT infrastructure with robust cybersecurity services designed to protect sensitive government data and communications from digital threats, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of all operations.

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Contracts, Codes, & Core Competencies

VSGi, a subsidiary of Solutionz Inc., supports government agencies by delivering compliant solutions that enhance effectiveness. With over 20 years of experience, we provide tailored services nationwide.

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About Georgia DOT

Planar, a leading name in fine pitch LED video walls, was the manufacturer Solutionz Inc. selected to satisfy GDOT’s specific requirements. Solutionz designed 35 LED cabinets providing over 305 feet of display area in a video wall nearly 20 feet wide and 15.5 feet tall.

GDOT’s massive new video wall restored the Center’s original footprint and scope after the last upgrade trimmed screen size. Solutionz knew GDOT needed uniformity, flatness, and the highest possible, and yet affordable, pixel density to deliver faithful, accurate video to Center personnel.

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