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Georgia DOT

Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) oversees more than 6,992 lane-miles of interstate highways crisscrossing the Peach state
The Client

About Georgia DOT

From its Traffic Operations Center, the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) oversees more than 6,992 lane-miles of interstate
highways crisscrossing the Peach state, including routes like I-20, I-95, I-285, and I-475.

Add to its care and maintenance of those interstate arteries the nearly 18,000 miles of state highways, and over 87,193 miles of rural roads and it becomes clear that GDOT has an enormous job requiring constant vigilance.

The management team at GDOT requested the expertise of Solutionz Inc. to upgrade the Traffic Operations Center while minimizing downtime during installation.

The Center needed maximum coverage, reliable video displays, and superb viewing capacity for monitoring interstate, state, and rural roads throughout the state.


The Challenge
Existing video walls at GDOT were old enough that they were no longer supported by vendors. The original 1994 system had received an upgrade once, nine years prior, but no amount of tinkering would coax more capacity or better resolution from the old system.
Any upgrades to the video wall had to be designed to minimize interruption in GDOT’s mission to monitor and collect footage of all the roads it supervises, day and night, 365 days a year.

Add to that respect for the state’s taxpayers; the total price tag for the project had to show a sensible balance between increased surveillance capacity and reasonable cost. Solutionz also had to provide GDOT with a solution that would work effectively a decade from now. rate prop
Fast Lane GDOT
The Result

Planar, a leading name in fine pitch LED video walls, was the manufacturer Solutionz Inc. selected to satisfy GDOT’s specific requirements. Solutionz designed 35 LED cabinets providing over 305 feet of display area in a video wall nearly 20 feet wide and 15.5 feet tall.

GDOT’s massive new video wall restored the Center’s original footprint and scope after the last upgrade trimmed screen size. Solutionz knew GDOT needed uniformity, flatness, and the highest possible, and yet affordable, pixel density to deliver faithful, accurate video to Center personnel.

The importance of reliability cannot be overstated. GDOT’s eyes on the road going dark, even for a short time, is an unacceptable risk to public safety. The video wall Solutionz installed was designed to handle continuous use, ensuring the smooth operation of Georgia’s roads. As important, Georgia’s taxpayers are protected and will not be hit with another expensive upgrade two or three years from now. 

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