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Next Level Legal Teams: Digital Tools for Law Firms

Posted by Molly Malone on Apr 28, 2022 8:28:37 AM

Communication is at the heart of the legal profession. A 2021 survey conducted by the American Bar Association details the digital transformation over the last three years and highlights the operational innovations in the legal ecosystem. Law firms now routinely depend on videoconferencing and virtual collaboration tools to communicate with attorneys, staff, clients, witnesses, courts, and others--making streamlined technology infrastructure crucial to success.  

The prevalence of virtual court proceedings for hearings, depositions and trials means that the quality and reliability of videoconferencing systems is critical. Valuable time and data could be lost with inferior audio, poor lighting, grainy camera images, or the inability to capture and share data. Working with one audio visual integrator with expertise in design, installation, and service ensures that communications technology meets the demand for superior performance.  

From large conference rooms to small huddle spaces, videoconferencing systems have evolved to include incredible AI camera features that allow for 180-degree room coverage to show everyone at the table. Auto-tracking features follow a speaker around the room with consistent audio and video delivery, making for a more natural meeting environment. Interactive whiteboards come with software to save and share data generated during meetings, allowing participants to pick up where they left off or incorporate captured data into other presentations.  

The recent digital transformation creates opportunities for law firms to use communications tools for greater impact but learning how to operate new technologies can be daunting. Solutionz, Inc. has decades of experience in videoconferencing and collaborative technologies. Our Prime Call Digital Adoption and Training Services team customize training to a firm’s workflow and teach how to get the most productivity in the least amount of time, increasing ROI on technology investments. Our team of trainers simplifies the learning process to get teams back to work faster and more effectively. 

Finally, the importance of confidentiality and security remains a top priority for all businesses. Cybersecurity is so important that Solutionz, Inc. has taken a two-fold approach; we include cybersecurity measures in our AV installations to protect against hackers gaining access to networks. And we have launched a separate sister company, Solutionz Security, to serve clients with comprehensive data protection across their entire organizations. Solutionz Security will assess current cybersecurity protections and make comprehensive recommendations to protect data, including meeting industry-specific compliance requirements.

Engaging Solutionz’s expertise in digital environments ensures that the right tools are available and working properly when meetings begin. Prime Call Services Remote Monitoring and Management combined with our 24/7/365 Help Desk means that room systems are well-maintained, consistently checked for strong internet connections, and automatically repaired if problems are identified. Partnering with Solutionz is a cost-effective business decision that will allow legal professionals to focus on communicating well into the future. 


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