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Building Experiences: Architects, Designers, and AV Integrators

Architects and interior designers are revolutionizing how we experience buildings by seamlessly blending cutting-edge audiovisual (AV) technology into their designs. Early collaboration with AV professionals is the key to bringing clients' visions for functional and attractive spaces to life. By working with AV experts from the initial stages, designers create realistic budgets and timelines and ensure that the technical aspects complement the artistic vision.

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Topics: av integration, design

Intelligent Video Creates a More Engaging Meeting Experience


Hybrid work is here to stay, and with it comes the challenge of ensuring everyone feels heard and valued, regardless of location. Intelligent video tackles this head-on by creating a level playing field.

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Topics: Collaboration, dynamic meetings, video conferencing

The 5 Benefits of Sound Masking in the Office

The constant buzz of conversations, ringing phones, and the clatter of keyboards can create distractions and impede productivity while working in the office. Studies have shown that excessive noise in the workplace can lead to stress, reduced cognitive performance, and increased errors. Additionally, it can contribute to employee discontent and lower job satisfaction levels, ultimately affecting retention rates. Sound masking provides a solution that creates a harmonious and productive workspace for you and your team.

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Topics: sound masking, audio

Video Walls: LCD, LED, or Rear-Projection? How Do You Choose?

Video walls offer a dynamic visual experience and are used in a number of applications. The choice of a video wall type depends on factors such as the intended application, space constraints, desired visual impact, and budget. Let’s explore different types of video wall technologies and their use cases.

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Topics: digital signage, av integration, Displays, Solutionz

Top Considerations for Replacing Aging AV Solutions


For many of us, Audiovisual (AV) technology is an integral part of our professional lives. From virtual meetings and presentations to healthcare and education, AV solutions play a crucial role.

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Topics: conference room, av integration, Displays, Solutionz

Solutionz Remote Monitoring and Management

Have you ever hosted a virtual meeting only to encounter frustrating technical glitches with your videoconferencing system? You may have experienced the exasperation of rebooting the system, only to find that the problem persists, leading to panic and a frantic search for alternative solutions. But fear not! Thanks to the advancements in remote monitoring and management, there's now a seamless audiovisual solution available.

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Topics: Collaboration, Displays

Technology-Driven Solutions to Reinvent the Office


The traditional office is undergoing a profound transformation. The rise of hybrid work—where employees split their time between the office and remote locations—has reshaped the way businesses operate.

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Topics: Collaboration, conference room, Displays

Meeting Equity: Fostering Collaboration Through Technology

The concept of meeting equity is gaining increased attention in organizations adapting to changing work models. Meetings, whether they are in-person or virtual, play a crucial role in communication, decision-making, and collaboration within organizations. 

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Topics: Collaboration, Displays

Investing in School Esports Programs Benefits Student Engagement

In recent years, the world of competitive gaming, known as esports, has witnessed an incredible surge in popularity and growth. Recognizing the potential of esports as a platform for learning, an increasing number of educational institutions in the United States are embracing this digital phenomenon and integrating it into their curricula. However, for esports to truly flourish in schools, adequate funding and support are crucial. Let’s explore the benefits of funding esports in schools and shed light on why investing in this emerging field can be a game-changer for education.  

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Topics: Schools & Colleges, Displays, Education AV Solutions

USC’s Digital Creative Lab Brings Immersive Learning Experiences

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, The University of Southern California (USC) is a leading innovator in creative, technology, and STEAM fields. When USC conducted a space assessment, they realized the need for more common areas to facilitate creative collaboration among students, faculty, and those who come to USC seeking content creation.

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Topics: rack solutions, crestron

6 Steps to Prepare for Successful Grant Applications

Securing grants can be a significant source of funding for organizations needing to upgrade technology, secure training, or deploy integrated services.

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Topics: Grants, Grant Program Services, Higher Education, Schools & Colleges

4 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement with Interactive Displays

When employees aren’t engaged in their tasks, the likelihood of errors, burnout, and unnecessary stress increases. As work-from-home (WFH) and hybrid shifts remain popular in most industries, engagement becomes crucial to prevent accumulating expenses.

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Topics: Collaboration, employee engagement, Interactive Display, LG, Solutionz, Teamwork, Touchscreen, LG Interactive Board, Visual Systems, Remote Workers

An Innovative AV System Enhances Employee Wellness

At Edwards Lifesciences, the mission is clear: to make a positive impact on patients' lives through medical innovations focused on structural heart disease and critical care monitoring. This global leader collaborates with leading clinicians and researchers worldwide, continuously striving to address unmet healthcare needs and improve patient outcomes.

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Topics: digital signage

Maximizing Technology Investments with ESSER III Funds

The pandemic highlighted the critical importance of technology in education. The Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) III funds, which must be spent by schools before September 30, 2023, present a unique opportunity to revitalize our education system and support educators in delivering high-quality education.

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5 Competitive Advantages of Hybrid Work

Hybrid work, the combination of remote and in-office work, has gained significant traction among both employees and employers in recent years. Beyond the flexibility and convenience employees enjoy, hybrid work programs have led to competitive advantages for organizations.

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