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Grants Program Services: Setting the Course for Success in Education

In recent years, education technology has evolved from being important for student success to being essential. 

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Solutionz Grant Program Services Benefits

Did you know, the U.S. federal government offers billions of dollars in grant funding to government agencies, schools, healthcare organizations, and several public entities to improve procedures and delivery of services to our communities? Countless funding sources are devoted to outreach and services that request distance learning and telemedicine technologies. Solutionz Grant Program Services experts are dedicated to helping you discover those funding programs best suited for your video conferencing needs.

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Video Conferencing Provides Virtual Field Trips

With cost cutting and shrinking budgets in school districts across the country, some might wonder if the days of the school field trips are fading. The idea of bus trips to an off campus location are becoming a thing of the past.

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Prepare Your Classroom for Distance Learning

Video conferencing is becoming an effective tool in the classroom. Being prepared to instruct virtual learning can be crucial.  Making sure you have an understanding of its benefits, restrictions, and how to utilize it, can help make your teaching experience easier.

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Penn State Uses Teleeducation

Penn State York has recently developed a teleeducation program for their students who have limited time to attend classes due to other commitments and responsibilities. This program is deisgned to deliver credentials to their adult learners. These new real-time and interactive classrooms will allow students working toward a degree or certification to take courses through video conferencing.

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University of Texas Develops Distance Learning Program

The University of Texas Arlington recently initiated a program for distance education with The University of Texas San Antonio offering Japanese and Portuguese language programs through video conferencing.

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Video Conferencing Enables Students to Connect

For some students, being able to travel and visit other countries for fun or study is impossible either because of finances, schedules, or prior commitments. Not all students are afforded the luxury of studying abroad either because of monetary reasons or time commitments. Many majors don’t have a program with courses available at other schools even within the United States, much less in another country. Luckily video conferencing is changing how students are able to learn and experience other cultures.

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Distance Education for Adult Students

The VUC Storstom education provider in Denmark has recently been recognized for their distance education initiatives and partnership with Polycom. Storstom was recognized by the International Distance Learning Awards for their project that is providing distance education to 5,000 adult students. This “Global Classroom” allows adults who did not finish school to attend virtual courses, making themselves a more valuable employee and more employable.

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Video Conferencing Helps Graduate Students Deliver Dissertation

For graduate students, the culmination of years of research and hard work result in their dissertation, an incredibly stressful and emotional event in itself, but the added stress of scheduling faculty to attend can make this time unbearable. Up until recently scheduling a dissertation defense has been difficult for students, but now with video conferencing, diverse schedules are able to easily align to make this easier for everyone.

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Video Conferencing in Classrooms

Jeb Bush and the National School Choice Week wrote an editorial for CNN highlighting the benefits of video conferencing in our education system. In this article, Mr. Bush explains why nontraditional classrooms using video conferencing is beneficial to everyone involved.

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Video Conferencing for Higher Education

The possibilities of video conferencing are endless for higher education.  As part of our mission to change the way people communicate, Solutionz offers higher educational institutions a number of resources designed specifically to give your institution an enrollment and educational competitive advantage. Our visual communications products are the best available, but technology alone does not create the only competitive advantage - it’s how professors and educational institutions use it and incorporate it that makes the difference.

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Solutionz Wants to Help you Win the RUS DLT Grant

April 25, 2011 is the RUS Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant deadline.  As this deadline quickly approaches, Solutionz grant program team wants to help by giving you all the information you need to apply and win.    

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Video Conferencing in Education


Video conferencing has changed the ways of traditional education. The popularity of 21st century schools continues to rise, despite budget cuts and less educational funding. Video conferencing allows students to take virtual field trips, collaborate with students in different locations, and increases learning opportunities without restrictions of time, money and transportation. By utilizing video conferencingschools are expanding the depths of education. With video conferencing, students are capable of:

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