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More state and federal grant funding sources for technology are available than at any other time in American history. Solutionz is uniquely positioned to help organizations apply for grants to pay for new technologies. Our Grants Program Services (GPS) team works directly with education, healthcare, government, non-profit and for-profit organizations to locate grants among the wide variety of available funds. In 2020, Solutionz GPS team helped our customers win $9,600,000 in awards! 2021 is expected to be a much bigger year! 

As a free service, GPS enables organizations to identify the specific available grants, help determine your grant readiness and explain the process of getting grants submitted. While we are not able to write grants for customers, we can connect your team with a list of available grant-writing professionals when the time comes.

As an example of the current federal money being awarded to states for education, here are a some of the provisions for Education in the American Rescue Plan Act:

  • $123 billion for K–12 state education agencies (including $800 million for homeless children)
  • $40 billion for institutions of higher education
  • $2.75 billion to governors for private schools
  • $3 billion for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

For K-12, states are required to spend 2.5% for educational technology!

Solutionz provides a wide range of educational technology products including interactive displays, projectors, audio solutions, security and access control systems, network infrastructure, and products designed for accessibility. While our GPS team can make recommendations on technology purchases, Solutionz employs Account Executives and Engineers who specialize in education technology. As one of the largest educational integrators in the country, our partnerships with manufacturers, allow us to price large-scale deployments competitively. Our project managers keep projects moving on tight timelines often required by schools during summer months.

Telemedicine is another area of specialized technology supported by our Solutionz team. In 2020 Congress awarded nearly $500 million to fund the adoption of telehealth software and connected devices, helping providers deliver critical connected care services, especially as it relates to the pandemic. Our Solutionz GPS team consults with healthcare organizations on available funding sources and makes technology recommendations based on desired outcomes. Our specialized knowledge reduces the time and intensity of navigating grants and gives healthcare providers the information needed to expand access to healthcare for their patients.

Winning grants is only as good as the team that supports your technology initiatives. Once installations are complete, our Prime Call Services provide full wrap-around technical support. Remote Monitoring and Management services monitor the health of connected systems and our Help Desk is standing by to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues in real time. Our Prime Call Adoption and Digital Training Services teach users everything they need to know to become fully proficient on new technologies, increasing efficiency and ROI. Finally, and critically important, our SecureEDGE cybersecurity solution provides the network protection needed for sensitive information.

From original concept to everyday operations, Solutionz is a full-service trusted technology partner ready to be an extension of your team! Contact us to learn more or obtain a free grant consultation. 

Examples of Awarded Programs

Distance Learning Programs

  • Sharing teachers between different  locations

  • Connecting students at a distance to 2 and 4 year colleges

  • Dual credit, advanced placement distance learning classes

Telemedicine Programs

  • Telestroke, telepsychiatry and telecardiology

  • School-based Health Centers

  • Connecting specialists in urban areas to rural clinics

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