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Top Five Benefits of Solutionz GPS
1) Broad knowledge of funding programs
2) Expert one-on-one consultations
3) Support through application process
4) Identification of potential funding sources
5) Identify best practices to winning solutions


Examples of Awarded Programs

Distance Learning Programs

  • Sharing teachers between different educational locations
  • Connecting students at a distance to 2 and 4 year colleges
  • Dual credit, advanced placement distance learning classes

Telemedicine Programs

  • Telestroke, telepsychiatry and telecardiology
  • School-based Health Centers
  • Connecting specialists in urban areas to rural clinics

A word from one of our Grant Program Services (GPS) customers....

Solutionz Inc was the right choice of professionals for Chaddock to partner with on successfully applying for our RUS DLT technology grant. The Solutionz team is extremely knowledgeable and guided us through every step of the application process, took time to fully understand our needs and was able to recommend the proper equipment, software and supports to best serve our clientele. You were truly an asset for us. – Matt Obert, Director of Operations