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In recent years, education technology has evolved from being important for student success to being essential. 

The start of the pandemic in 2020 caused schools from elementary to university levels to quickly pivot to online learning. Two years later, the funding for education technology is flowing through local, state, and federal channels in the form of grants. However, even with the tidal wave of federal funding to address remote learning needs, school administrators lack the time and resources to apply for these funds, evaluate technology solutions and implement the training and support needed to realize their digital adoption goals.

One school system in rural Ohio worked with Solutionz’s Grant Program Services (GPS) team to apply for and win two rounds of $1 million funding from the Distance Learning and Telemedicine (RUS-DLT) grant administered by the US Department of Agriculture. The grant awards enabled New London Schools to implement a comprehensive digital transformation plan that changes the way students learn and experience the world beyond the classroom. The GPS team guided New London Schools administrators through all phases of the transformation including the grants application process, selection and installation of collaboration and communication technologies, digital content training for teachers, setup of a telemedicine program and customized maintenance plans for the ongoing support of audio-visual and unified communications systems.

Solutionz Grants Program Services’ expertise streamlines the process of implementing new classroom technologies for sustainable results.

Identify critical needs and program goals The grants application process starts with identifying a school’s critical technology needs, creating goals for long-term success, and filling out an applicant profile.
Identify Funding With access to consolidated resources, GPS finds local, state, federal and private grants that match a school’s eligibility profile with their technology needs.
Recommend sustainable technology solutions Understanding both the capabilities and limitations of various technologies empowers technology selections that lay the foundations for future expansion and long-term success. 
Prime Call Adoption and Digital Training Services Educators are trained until they feel comfortable and efficient on new technology, improving the overall digital transformation experience and dramatically increasing morale and ROI. Customized training matching the skill levels of users and ongoing support over time allows schools to keep professionals, new and tenured, moving in the right direction.
Prime Call Integrated Services Keeping system properly maintained and having responsive service when troubleshooting is required is key to a fully supported school technology program. IT departments are usually at capacity with computer systems support; communication and collaboration technologies are easily managed by Solutionz acting as an extension of your IT team.
By working with one technology provider who not only understands school technology, but desired learning outcomes, administrators realize a higher ROI on technology investments. Solutionz Grants Program Services facilitate the grants application process and coordinate training and support throughout the technology lifecycle, keeping schools progressing in their digital transformation plans. Contact us today!

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