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Solutionz Adoption and Digital Training Services (ADTS) are customized training programs to realize the full ROI of your technology investments, regardless of when or where they were purchased. Our comprehensive training services take the pressure off implementing new technology by ensuring users have the training and tools they need.


Adoption Services team members bring friendly, user-focused, digital training to your team. Our goal is to create high comfort levels for end users to ensure strong adoption, effective workflow integration, and program sustainability. The advanced support training focuses on how the technology will be used specific to your organization, for example, distance learning programs, telemedicine programs or courtroom systems. We have the expertise to train on specific technologies including interactive whiteboards, digital signage, videoconferencing platforms, and other hardware, regardless of where the technology was purchased. See our advanced training support below:


We learn your key goals, priorities, and challenges your new technology solves. Our experts help:

  • Map new workflows where new technology can improve efficiencies and expand capabilities
  • Determine key stakeholders to ensure full adoption, focusing on those who will use the technology, as well as those who may play supporting roles (IT departments, administrators, educators, etc.)
  • Design your training to your Training is either onsite, virtual or a mix of both. Personalized virtual “classrooms”, user guides, and live support are standard; other items may include customized videos, laminated instructions, and other learning tools


ADTS helps set the stage for a smooth transition. Communication in advance of any implementation is a vital part of successful digital adoption strategies. We help create impactful communications to increase engagement throughout your organization in the following ways:

  • Internally, well-crafted announcements help reduce employee resistance to change
  • Externally, communicating upcoming digital transformations help engage new and existing clients and the community at large


Initial onboarding is designed as a kickoff for those who are involved in implementation and management of new technologies. Your ADTS trainer will:

  • Explain main functions and capabilities, ensure access to of all documentation associated with the devices, and launch your customized virtual “classroom” where users find information, ask questions and receive updates
  • Assist administrators in any workflow modifications associated with the new digital tools
  • Synchronize with departments on the roll out of the new systems to users


Adoption training is extended to your entire user community. We show you how to use the new technology and provide expert guidance in both virtual and onsite trainings. The ADTS team:

  • Includes former educators who have professional knowledge of various learning styles who easily adapt different modalities to reach each user at their level and pace
  • Provides real-time training to ensure that users can take full advantage of capabilities and workflow efficiencies provided in the new technologies
  • Helps onboard new employees with online training modules and personalized support
  • Sends notifications to inform users and support staff of changes in technology, allowing for adoption of new features and security updates
  • Track user satisfaction to assist those who want to enhance knowledge on specific devices


The Solutionz ADTS team is ready to walk arm in arm with you and your team to realize the benefits of your technology investments. Please email your questions to adts@solutionzinc.com or contact us at https://www.solutionzinc.com/contact-us for support.


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