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When a client purchases an audio visual room system, they consult with account executives and engineers to finalize designs that will meet their specific needs. Project managers play a big part in setting installations up for success, but audio visual integration technicians are the trained professionals responsible for delivering quality results. Ultimately, your AV project is only as good as your technician.

Among many other skills, technicians need to be able to read the detailed engineering blueprints to properly install selected hardware in clients’ unique environments. Many AV integration technicians come into the industry early in their careers with a passion for all things audio visual but limited knowledge specific to AV integration. Technical schools offer degrees in electronics technology, but AV integration is not offered as a set curriculum. (It is important to note that skill sets for AV event technicians and those involved in the recording industry are not the same as integration technicians who are permanently installing and integrating a wide variety of AV equipment in varied locations.) So where do skilled AV integration technicians come from? They are grown organically!

AV integration firms often structure their operations by ranking installation technicians by skill levels and certifications, generally starting with apprentices as Level 1, and going up levels 2 and 3 to Lead Technician. Like other AV integration professionals, installation technicians earn certifications in two primary ways: The first is following specific training and rigorous testing from AVIXA (Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association), the industry trade association for AV, and the second is through individual manufacturing partners training and testing on specific AV equipment. Most AV integration skills are learned on the job under the mentorship of experienced operations managers and lead technicians and through organized in-house training offered by professional AV integrators. Because technologies advance so rapidly, the best integration firms value and prioritize training and facilitate acquiring professional credentials for all members of their technical teams.

AV integration technicians are the professionals with the most physical work on jobsites; they have the responsibility of pulling cables through walls and ceilings, drilling and cutting holes in everything from concrete to conference tables, and hoisting heavy displays to heights that would seem impossible to some. Solutionz technicians keep client concerns in the forefront of their minds while working, ensuring that disruptions are minimized, that rooms are left clean and orderly, and that client questions are properly answered.

Solutionz is proud of the professional teams we have cultivated over the years. Hiring for a culture of teamwork and learning, Solutionz has a formal career-focused training program, Solutionz Academy. Technical team members are required to track their progress towards quarterly training goals and earned certifications for their chosen career track. With rigorous training requirements, the Solutionz team has grown exponentially in skill sets and the proof shows up in client reviews and referrals. Contact Solutionz for your next project and meet the team ready to be your trusted technology partner.


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