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At Edwards Lifesciences, the mission is clear: to make a positive impact on patients' lives through medical innovations focused on structural heart disease and critical care monitoring. This global leader collaborates with leading clinicians and researchers worldwide, continuously striving to address unmet healthcare needs and improve patient outcomes.

To support the health and wellness of their dedicated team, Edwards’ campus headquarters in Irvine, California includes a full gym in their employee community center. Armando Cueto, Audiovisual Sr. Manager of IT at Edwards Lifesciences, explained, “Our vision was to have ultra-wide video walls displaying sceneries that make you feel like you’re running in a forest, in a street, or touring France. Employees should know how to change things like sound, displays, and controls without complications.”

As a preferred partner in enterprise AV solutions, Spinitar, a Solutionz, Inc. company, was ready to meet the requirements of this custom project, including building a large, curved video wall. The primary goal of the AV system was to be user-friendly, innovative, and reliable for daily operations. The Spinitar team carefully considered the requirements set by Edwards Lifesciences:

Functionality: The AV system needed to enable easy connection and collaboration for employees as part of their daily operations.

Aesthetics: The large, curved monitors and background audio system were intended to create a "wow" factor in the gym, promoting innovation and encouraging employees to make use of the community center's resources.

Project Scope: Spinitar provided Edwards Lifesciences with the latest technology throughout the design and installation process.

To bring this vision to life, the Spinitar team partnered with NanoLumens to provide Edwards with two curved video walls, each 36' wide, and one curved video wall measuring 24' wide. These video walls were designed to match the radius of the wall, creating a visually stunning effect. To enhance the video content, Christie's Pandoras Box video processor was integrated into the system, allowing users to upload and display engaging visual signage. Additionally, a powerful background music system equipped with QSC equipment was installed to elevate the audio experience throughout the facility.

The primary goal of the AV system in the employee community center at Edwards Lifesciences was to be user-friendly, innovative, and reliable for daily operations. The AV system not only met their goals but also demonstrated Edwards Lifesciences' commitment to caring for their employees and ensuring the job was done right.

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