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Huddle Rooms: Useful and Affordable Videoconferencing Spaces

Posted by Molly Malone on Feb 8, 2022 7:57:41 AM

Integrated Huddle Rooms made up only 8.1% of all video conferencing room meetings in 2019. By 2022, huddle room meetings will increase significantly to reach around 70% of all video meetings.

It’s no secret that today’s workforce is more mobile than ever. Employees are working from home and organizations are downsizing real estate footprints while also expanding globally. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find meeting spaces with videoconferencing and collaboration capabilities for small groups. Huddle rooms provide an affordable solution and can be designed with the latest technology to seamlessly integrate into your organization’s business processes and culture.

The concept of huddle spaces has been around for quite some time, but the technologies are relatively new and gaining in sophistication at a rapid pace. Small rooms with a central table and chairs can be equipped with LED displays with integrated speakers, webcams, speakerphones, wireless presentation devices and more. Whether needed for videoconferencing or shared presentations, quality displays and easy to operate controls are key components for effective huddle spaces. Audio and video solutions, either integrated with displays or stand-alone, are easily customized to meet an organization’s goals and budgets.  

Room scheduling systems can be integrated into office calendar applications to manage reservations so that teams can see room availability from their desks. A small touchpad outside of huddle spaces displays the room’s availability and allows for last minute scheduling changes. 

Impromptu or planned, meetings with useful collaboration technologies will keep teams feeling empowered and dynamic as they work together to complete projects, meet with customers, or plan the next big rollout. If you are looking for a fast, affordable, way to enable videoconferencing and collaborative presentations, huddle spaces are a great solution. Contact Solutionz for a free consultation and quote. Solutionz is a trusted technology partner with the right technology and services to meet your needs and budget! 


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