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The modern office operates differently than ever before. With people working remotely and collaborating across locations, offices need to be equipped with technology that facilitates communication and teamwork. Come along as we dive into the modern workplace and explore technology designed for simplicity and ease of use with a play-by-play simulation.

Let’s walk through a modern office and experience a digital workplace from Ted’s perspective. Ted is a senior architect from New York visiting a junior team in Chicago. A project for a restaurant design has developed major problems, and Ted is eager to help. Ted has never been to the office managing the restaurant refresh and is scheduled to meet with the lead architect, Susan, and project manager, Darrell.

Welcome Center

Ted walks into the Chicago office, which is housed in a trendy warehouse district. He is greeted by a virtual assistant, Rebecca, on a tablet; she answers Ted’s questions and simultaneously messages Susan to let her know that Ted has arrived.

Smart Hallways

Susan greets Ted and tells him that he can find open meeting rooms to work in using the digital displays in the hallways. These touch panels show which rooms are available and allow Ted to book them right on the spot.

Flexible Workspaces

Ted needs to make a few calls before meeting with the team, so he books a focus room. The clear audio and video in the focus room allow Ted to quickly communicate with his New York office.


Walking through the open area, Ted notices that support staff are using hot desks equipped with videoconferencing cameras, speakers, and headphones. The new technology empowers the firm’s hybrid work policy, offering employees flexible scheduling and a variety of productive workspaces.

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Meeting Rooms of All Sizes

Ted books a small huddle space so he and Susan can talk with Darrell, who is working from home. The three of them discuss where the design went wrong and the best way to bring the team together for a full overhaul of the project.

From her computer, Susan books the large conference room and sends invitations to the project team to join the meeting at 1:00, in person or remotely. Susan shows Ted the conference room where he can plug in his computer to capture collaboration notes and share resources with the team.

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Open Collaboration

Ted is pleased that his firm has invested in technology to break down silos and encourage collaboration. Walking past the breakroom, Ted sees people gathered in front of a display, excitedly sharing ideas while someone uses a stylus to draw out new sketches. With devices that are easy to use in common areas and open office spaces, quick chats over coffee or lunch turn into breakthrough brainstorming sessions.

Learning and Creativity

Ted notices that the training room is being used for a creative workshop. The instructor and participants each show sample designs and people ask questions, both in person and remotely. Everyone can see and hear each participant because the audio and video interactions are seamless.

Ted’s experience in Chicago is typical for a well-equipped office. Modern technology allowed him to bring the project team together, share resources, and give everyone an opportunity to contribute equally. He was easily able to schedule meeting rooms, have video calls with his home office, and collaborate with the Chicago team in real-time.

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Not everyone can be physically present for every meeting. High-quality audio and video expand access for busy professionals, geographically dispersed teams, or those with travel limitations. By upgrading communication and collaboration tools, offices elevate meeting equity, hybrid flexibility, and seamless user experiences, keeping everyone connected and productive, no matter where they are working.


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