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Key to ROI on Technology Investments

Posted by Molly Malone on Dec 6, 2021 9:01:46 AM

Robert, a VP of Product Development, was concerned. The company had purchased the interactive whiteboards and upgraded videoconferencing systems that he had requested for teams to collaborate between offices in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles but meetings were not productive.

More time was spent on figuring out how to operate the technologies and less on actual productive collaboration. After reading about better collaboration tools in an industry trade publication, Robert had delegated ordering the videoconferencing systems, interactive whiteboards, and software to the IT department; he had no idea that his team wouldn’t be able to find a workflow that would make good use of the new tools. The tools were powerful but not if the team spent frustrating hours trying to learn from each other and agree on how to collaborate and function efficiently. The solution to the problem was simple—Adoption and Digital Training Services would bring everyone in the department up to speed on how to use the new technologies to collaborate, organize, and share information.

Digital transformations are more than purchasing technology. Adopting new technologies and learning new processes can be a major organizational change. Productivity and innovation are only realized when people understand and embrace the full power of technologies that transform the way they work. Investing in Prime Call Adoption and Digital Training Services (ADTS) is crucial to achieving a strong and timely ROI on technology investments. With leadership sharing a vision of the desired outcomes and making a commitment to training resources over time, digital adoption investments lead to organizational success.

Solutionz Prime Call Services include customized digital adoption services. The benefits of Solutionz’s customized training services are numerous and lead to a larger, faster, ROI. The ADTS team begins by defining your specific goals and mapping your unique workflows. Customized training to teach people at the skill level where they are most comfortable saves time and money; individuals do not waste time on training that doesn’t apply to their skill level. Having a branded online Learning Management System administered by a dedicated Digital Adoption Specialist allows users to reference past lessons and ask specific questions for personalized answers outside of training sessions.

One of the most impactful benefits of Digital Adoption Training is the positive organizational culture developed when users feel supported and valued for their efforts to adopt new processes. Opportunities to learn through real-time demonstrations, ask questions, and practice new skills, build community, reduce frustrations, and enhance buy-in for changes in work processes.

As a trusted technology partner, Solutionz joins with organizations to provide services designed to maximize productivity and ROI on technology investments. Contact Solutionz and we will connect you with our ADTS team for a free quote!


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