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Solutionz Support Services add value to your Audio Visual and Unified Communications investments with greater reliability, productivity, and ROI. 

“Awkward!” Randall exclaimed with a smirk. Tom shot him a look and replied, “I am calling IT!” Randall and Tom were in the conference room on a video call with their west coast teammates and the audio was not working. Randall had tried everything he could think of, including hanging up and rebooting the system. Chris from IT came in and went through the controls but, even after 15 minutes, he couldn’t find the problem.

Have you ever been in a situation like this when you needed to collaborate with remote clients or teammates, but your videoconferencing system was not working properly? Frustration, embarrassment, and even anger are common reactions. In the case of Randall and Tom, one call to their AV integrator and the system was working within minutes. The Help Desk remoted in and reset the audio controls. While this was an easy fix, other services could have prevented the problem in the first place.

Let’s look at Solutionz Support Services and the benefits of having the protection of comprehensive audio-visual (AV) and unified communication (UC) services.

Remote Monitoring and Management ensures that videoconferencing systems are ready when you are. Tom and Randall’s call would have been trouble-free with RMM running in the background. Automatic testing and self-healing of internet connections and system settings are the first line of defense in keeping systems running smoothly. If self-healing is not successful, trouble tickets are automatically generated and handled, either remotely or by sending a technician onsite. Backup servers are in place to provide seamless failover as needed. Customizable dashboards show system health and can be monitored by your team or the Solutionz Support Services team.
The benefits:
  • Better business decisions based on the metrics and analytics built into the system
  • Better ROI, cost of ownership, and operational health.
  • Easier hardware and asset management
  • Reduced costs for tech support and easier budgeting with predictable expenses
  • Greater efficiency and quality control
Integrated Maintenance (IM) provides easy access to experts ready to help 24/7/365. The Solutionz Support Services Help Desk had Randall and Tom back on their call in minutes. By selecting annual preventative maintenance, the trouble might have been avoided altogether. Technicians verify and adjust audio and video quality, inspect, adjust, and clean hardware, and complete firmware updates to keep systems optimized. With a customized maintenance plan, unlimited onsite visits make repairs without unexpected costs.
The benefits:
  • Easy access to Expert Help 24/7/365
  • Increased Reliability & High Availability
  • No Surprise Repair Expenses
  • Longer Equipment Life = Higher ROI
  • Rapid Parts Replacement
Solutionz On-Site provides your organization with a full-time AV Technician at your location(s). Randall and Tom could have called their dedicated AV expert into the room and the IT department would have been spared an additional urgent request interrupting their normal workload.
The benefits:
  • Faster resolution for technical issues
  • Training and support for users
  • Increased productivity
  • No increase in headcount because the technician is a Solutionz employee  
As you can see, Solutionz Support Services add value to your AV and UC investments. What you may not know yet is that Solutionz Support Services are available regardless of your original integrator or where your equipment was purchased! Contact us and get a free quote to make all your meetings free from awkward technical issues!

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