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4 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement with Interactive Displays

Posted by Molly Malone on Jun 28, 2023 11:50:16 AM

When employees aren’t engaged in their tasks, the likelihood of errors, burnout, and unnecessary stress increases. As work-from-home (WFH) and hybrid shifts remain popular in most industries, engagement becomes crucial to prevent accumulating expenses.

Researchers estimate disengaged employees cost American businesses up to $350 billion each year. Moreover, it is estimated that 18% of employees are actively engaged in their daily tasks. While there are many motivation tactics available to boost engagement, technology can help capture and retain attention since it provides a sense of familiarity and enables active collaboration. Increasing demand for interactive technology is suspected to result in a 7.0% market growth rate by 2030 as corporate facilities seek to modernize their collaborative spaces.  

Leading the change in innovative collaboration, interactive displays have grown in popularity since they bridge the gap between remote and in-house teams while empowering hands-on participation. While meeting goals are surely different from company to company, modern interactive displays increase engagement by:

1.    Streamlining Presentation and Sharing – Interactive displays allow team members to actively participate in presentations by adding their feedback and showcasing their ideas in real time. Besides giving all team members a sense of ownership over projects, ongoing interactivity fosters greater team connections through professional collaboration, increasing the beneficial outcomes of your meetings.  
2.    Enabling New Communication Channels – Studies predict nearly 36 million Americans will work remotely by 2025. To unite remote and in-office teams, new interactive displays now facilitate collaboration with quality video conferencing and adaptable networking options, so remote team members can still actively participate in crucial decision-making. 
3.    Facilitating Training Sessions for New Hires – While a vast majority of people consider themselves to be visual learners, about four in ten people are also kinesthetic learners – meaning they learn best through movement and hands-on techniques. Interactive displays can help lower training times by offering visual representations that also satisfy kinesthetic needs. The combination can help speed up training while giving your team a chance to experience potential work scenarios in a controlled yet nurturing environment.      
4.    Reducing Set-Up Times – Bluetooth connectivity and tap-and-pair features are only a few of the connectivity options minimizing setup times. When equipped with a user-friendly system, teams can spend more time on collaborative work while relieving IT departments of unnecessary workflows. 

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Boosting employee engagement is vital for overall enterprise success. Reach out to our teams to learn how you can enhance collaboration with interactive technologies that inspire participation and better meeting outcomes. 


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