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Digital Signage In 2021 And Beyond

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on May 10, 2021 8:46:22 AM

Digital signage has been a vital communication tool in the COVID era. During this time of shifting safety protocols and variable levels of risk, easily updated digital signage delivers up-to-the-minute information that  helps people navigate spaces safely. With offices and commercial spaces opening their doors again, digital signage strategies take on even greater importance and utility. Let’s take a look at a few areas where digital signage plays a key role in facilitating business. 

Office Spaces

With hybrid work inching ever closer to being the norm, digital signage strategies for the office are becoming integral for internal communications and office real estate management. For example, as assigned work spaces are freed up to accommodate hybrid employees, digital signage becomes a hot-desking tool. Upon entering the office, an employee checks in at a digital signage kiosk and brings up a “seating chart” to claim an open desk. Digital signage easily streamlines hybrid working with seamless office management capabilities. 

Retail Environments 

Online shopping has become the default retail experience in the COVID era. Brick and mortar spaces need to adapt in the post-COVID world, and find a way to marry the convenience of online shopping with the simple pleasures of in-person browsing. Digital signage has the power to bridge the gap between physical and virtual realms, reshaping retail spaces in the process. Brick and mortar locations might become more like show rooms where customers can try on clothes or take a new TV for a test spin, while digital signage takes the customer through the actual ordering process. This digital experience allows the retailer to take advantage of virtually limitless stock, while allowing consumers more certainty about their purchase. 


With many businesses remaining closed or limiting the number of customers allowed indoors, outdoor digital signage solutions keep customers connected to businesses by commanding attention and compelling engagement. Entertaining messaging and interactive capabilities allow businesses to attract attention and engage with passersby without requiring indoor contact. 

The potential for digital signage as part of the emerging economy is unlimited and jus getting started! Explore our digital signage solutions and contact us to learn how we can customize solutions to meet your needs. We will have one of our experts get back to you shortly. Looking for something else? Use our Advanced Search tool to find it.


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