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At this point in the information age, digital signage has become a primary solution for organizations delivering impactful messaging to customers, visitors, and employees. 

Statistics on the efficacy of digital signage for business are all over the internet. Marketers have invested in numerous studies to prove that visual marketing using digital signage is 400% more engaging than printed advertising and that sales for businesses using digital signage are dramatically increased—some say by as much as 33%!  

No matter the type of organization, here are the top five reasons digital signage is a smart investment:

1. Building Brand Awareness is a buzz phrase for a reason. Whether you are a boutique store, a non-profit , or a museum, getting attention and informing people is important for your operations. Brand sets a tone. Digitally displayed information about a brand draws people to engage further. Engagement creates positive experiences and positive experiences are memorable and likely to be repeated. Since 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, using visually stimulating images for brand awareness just makes good sense.

2. Cost savings for digital signage are significant and the ROI beats print signage hands down! Print materials consume far more resources in time, materials, and distribution than digital signage. Considering the dramatic differences in efficacy, the decision to move away from print media to digital signage becomes simple. 

3. Enhanced Experience makes all the difference when engaging people to feel positive about your organization. Whether thinking of customers, visitors, or employees, digital signage makes finding and absorbing information easier and more pleasant. Time and frustration are eliminated with proper digital signage to inform and guide people. Creative content initiatives add entertainment value and build community, enhancing the experience of interacting with an organization. 

4. Faster Information Dissemination with Real-time Content Updates brings efficiency and ease to managing communications across locations. Because content can be managed from a single location, updates to digital signage happen with a few clicks of a mouse and transmit to all networked displays. With central control, branded messages can be updated across a building, a campus , or the globe!

5. Improving Safety is a valuable reason to invest in digital signage. Potential real-time threats could be minimized with the ability to instantly update a network of digital signs with proper warnings and alerts. Wayfinding signage helps visitors reach a particular location or find an exit in the event of an emergency. Workplace safety is enhanced with attention-getting content broadcasting safety reminders, tips, and the number of days without an incident. 

Bringing digital signage to your organization is simple with Solutionz. Contact us today and let’s discuss your needs, your goals, and all things audio visual!   


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