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Managing and Monitoring Your AV and UC Solutions

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on May 6, 2021 8:50:43 AM

No matter how many employees you have, whether they work in the office or from home, it is essential that the AV and UC solutions they connect and collaborate are well-maintained and secure. It is also important that your employees, both at home and in the office, are properly trained to take advantage of modern-day collaboration solutions and AV equipment. Solutionz has launched several services for maintaining and monitoring your devices, as well as ensuring adoption and workflow integration for your team. 


SecureAV, a new enterprise-grade security offering from Solutionz, is an easy-to-use cybersecurity software as a service (SaaS) platform that delivers enterprise-grade threat identification and protection. SecureAV monitors, detects, and blocks malicious traffic through your AV devices, quickly reducing your threat exposure. With customized block lists, annual vulnerability scans, customized reporting, and AV/UC environment scanning, SecureAV helps companies of all sizes protect their AV and UC environments.  

Prime Call Integrated Maintenance 

Solutionz Prime Call Integrated Maintenance offers flexible service contracts and full coverage for your audio visual equipment. With customizable maintenance support for your AV spaces, our Integrated Maintenance (IM) program ensures reliable operation of your hardware solutions. IM customers have access to 24/7/365 phone support from trained and certified technicians, and onsite visits to troubleshoot or replace failed parts via our Warranty Parts Replacements Assistance Service. Every covered site also receives an Annual Preventative Maintenance visit, which  includes adjustment of audio and video quality as needed, inspection and adjustment of cabling and wire management, control code review, drawings, and equipment list updates.

Prime Call Adoption and Digital Training Support Services (ADTS)

Keeping your AV and UC solutions running smoothly involves more than repair and maintenance. It is also important that your employees are comfortable and productive with the technologies that define their workspaces. Prime Call Adoption and Digital Training Support Services (ADTS) offers valuable expertise for onboarding new users. ADTS team members deliver tailor-made trainings that prioritize strong adoption, workflow integration, and program sustainability. Digital adoption trainings focus on how specific technologies will be used by your organization, helping you plan and implement best practices for you and your teams. 

Read more about SecureAV, Prime Call Integrated Maintenance, and Prime Call Adoption and Digital Training Support Services (ADTS). Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have. We will have one of our experts get back to you shortly. Looking for something else? Use our Advanced Search tool to find it.


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