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Solutionz Prime Call Integrated Maintenance (IM) is a customizable and flexible maintenance support offering covering the equipment in audio visual enabled spaces. 

Providing Technical Support and "Total Room" Maintenance Coverage on A/V Enabled Spaces 

Prime Call Integrated Maintenance helps ensure longer life & reliable operation of your audio visual equipment by providing support for the audio, video, control, & content components in your total integrated solution, regardless of the original integrator. We understand that protecting your investment is extremely important to you. And we know that comprehensive preventive maintenance will ensure ‘peace of mind’ for you and your organization. It’s all part of our commitment to maintaining long-term partnerships with our clients.

Our Integrated Maintenance (IM) program helps ensure longer life and reliable operation of your audio visual equipment. Prime Call Integrated Maintenance support provides an end-to-end program to ensure your equipment is up-and-running when needed. IM customers receive 24x7 telephone support from our trained and certified technicians, who quickly engage in remote troubleshooting procedures to determine a resolution to any issues. Our Technicians provide onsite visits to resolve issues and replace failed parts via our Warranty Parts Replacement Assistance service. Additionally, each covered site received an Annual Preventative Maintenance visits that includes adjustment of audio and video quality as needed, inspection and adjustment of cabling and wire management, control code review, and drawings and equipment list updates.

Annual Preventative Maintenance

IM includes an annual on-site preventative maintenance visit by one of our trained technicians, which is essential for optimal operation & enhanced performance, while minimizing downtime & equipment failure. The IM Annual Preventative Maintenance (APM) includes: IM service customers enjoy the added benefit of Prime Call 24/7, our full service Help Desk which includes: 

  • Verification & adjustment of audio & video quality
  • Inspection & adjustment of cabling & wire management areas to ensure it is properly connected & secured
  • Inspection & adjustment of all equipment as needed
  • Identify needed upgrades/repairs & best practices recommendations

Unlimited On-Site Service Calls

  • Unlimited on-site service calls per year
  • Dispatch of one of our technicians for on-site troubleshooting efforts after trouble ticket has been opened & remote troubleshooting efforts fail to rectify the reported issue.

Prime Call Help Desk Support
IM service customers enjoy the added benefit of Prime Call 24/7, our full service Help Desk which includes:

  • Professional problem diagnostics
  • Support by highly trained technicians & referral to manufacturer(s) as needed

Warranty Part Replacement Assistance

  • Facilitation of the replacement for all equipment failure, independent of the manufacturer warranty status by Prime Call Technicians
  • Replacement tracking through Prime Call 24/7
  • Priority Shipping of all parts with "next day" shipping, if available
  • Open a trouble ticket by e-mail to helpdesk@solutionzinc.com or by calling us at (888) 815-0322




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