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Prime Call Remote Monitoring & Management: Working While You Sleep

Posted by Molly Malone on Sep 10, 2021 10:00:56 AM

It’s 2:00 AM. Joe the cleaning guy is ready to take his break. He goes to Conference Room 201 to watch an episode of his favorite TV show. Problem is, the Zoom Room’s PC is on HDMI 1 so he has to switch the input of the TV to HDMI 2.

When Betty comes in at 6:00 AM, for an extremely important meeting with a potential New Customer in Oslo, she can’t get the system to work because it’s on the wrong input.

With Prime Call Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), the automatic system scan identifies that the display is on the wrong input and cures the problem by switching inputs. TV switches back to HDMI 1 and Betty has no clue of the potential disaster that was averted.

Our fictional example is one of many ways that Prime Call RMM protects your organization from potential slowdowns and frustrations. By auto-testing connections and making needed adjustments without human intervention, room conferencing systems maintain availability at a moment’s notice.

RMM also provides always ready backup server(s). Failure is detected automatically and failover to the next backup server is done without disruption. The transition to the backup server is seamless and results in no data loss if the current active server fails. The configuration of the devices in the room will retain the same state prior to failover.

In addition to providing high availability, Prime Call RMM empowers better business decisions based on the metrics and analytics built into the system including ROI, cost of ownership, usage statistics, and operational health. Easier hardware and asset management, reduced costs for tech support, greater efficiency and quality control all contribute to the value of remote monitoring and management.

Solutionz Prime Call Services ensure that technology investments are maintained and protected against system failures.

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