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Our Prime Call Team is ready to customize a service plan to meet your needs. Our goal is simple: expertly ensure seamless operability and security of your collaborative technologies.

Providing Remote Monitoring & Management Services to Organizations Worldwide

Prime Call Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) simplifies AV and UCaaS management and saves time, money, and the potential for business disruptions. Prime Call RMM capabilities are affordable, scalable, software-based services easy to install on existing networks or in the cloud and can be managed from anywhere there is an internet connection, including on a smartphone.

With 24x7, 365 monitoring, analytics and alerts, Prime Call RMM provides a continuous real-time assessment of the health of AV and UCaaS environments.

Remote Monitoring and Management includes:

  • Pre-scheduled testing and self-healing of integrated AV systems

  • Back up servers for seamless failover

  • Automatic trouble tickets for remote and onsite service as needed

  • Customizable dashboards monitored in-house or by Prime Call Services

Prime Call RMM empowers better business decisions based on the metrics and analytics built into the system including ROI, cost of ownership, usage statistics, and operational health. Easier hardware and asset management, reduced costs for tech support, greater efficiency and quality control all contribute to the value of Prime Call RMM.

Prime Call RMM paired with an onsite technician or Integrated Maintenance service brings greater efficiency and data-driven analytics to improve future decision making. With these services, your systems are continuously monitored 24/7/365 and adjusted for best performance, high availability means a greater ROI and a lower total cost of ownership. Ask us to learn more!

Top 5 Benefits of Prime Call Remote Monitoring & Management: 

  1. Proactive vs Reactive Management = Greater System Reliability
  2. Reduced Costs for In-house Tech Support
  3. Measurable ROI
  4. Usage Analytics Enable Data-Driven Decisions and Planning
  5. Customizable Dashboard Access from a Smartphone 




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