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Solutionz Remote Monitoring and Management

Posted by Molly Malone on Sep 14, 2023 8:54:33 AM

Have you ever hosted a virtual meeting only to encounter frustrating technical glitches with your videoconferencing system? You may have experienced the exasperation of rebooting the system, only to find that the problem persists, leading to panic and a frantic search for alternative solutions. But fear not! Thanks to the advancements in remote monitoring and management, there's now a seamless audiovisual solution available.

Introducing Solutionz Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), the pinnacle of remote monitoring and management services. Officially launched in August 2023, Solutionz RMM has been earning accolades from early adopters raving about its impressive features and capabilities. AV Network The bottom line: Solutionz RMM is a game-changer, simplifying AV systems management, saving precious time and resources, reducing frustration, and minimizing risk. Let's delve deeper into the remarkable features and benefits of Solutionz Remote Monitoring and Management. 

Effortless Inventory Management   

Picture the convenience of logging into a portal and instantly assessing the health of your entire AV environment on a single screen. Every component, regardless of its location around the globe, is represented by an easy-to-decipher, color-coded icon. Green signifies that a component is functioning flawlessly, while red indicates that it requires attention. 

During the implementation phase, Solutionz RMM conducts a thorough network scan, identifying every component connected to your network. Some customers are pleasantly surprised to rediscover audiovisual equipment they had lost track of on their networks. This scanning process and the resulting inventory views transform inventory management into a simple user interface.

Health Equals Happiness

Think of Solutionz RMM as having a virtual technician diligently working for you around the clock. Through proactive monitoring, testing, and self-healing capabilities across your entire audiovisual ecosystem, videoconferencing systems, and other AV components are regularly assessed for operational efficiency. If any issues are detected, systems are automatically rebooted and retested.

In the rare instance where self-healing doesn't resolve the issue, Solutionz RMM generates automatic support tickets that are promptly dispatched to the Solutionz help desk. Our technical support team ensures a swift resolution by calling to arrange a service visit from a certified technician. This helpdesk ticketing automation allows your team to concentrate on their work, secure in the knowledge that your AV systems are continually optimized.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Solutionz RMM is entirely customizable to align with your business workflows. Unlike other remote monitoring and management platforms, Solutionz RMM adapts to your existing setup, eliminating the need for you to alter your workflows to manage AV environments effectively.

An alert system with tailored thresholds for metrics and alerts keeps you and your team informed at the level that suits your needs. Additionally, Solutionz RMM seamlessly integrates with major IT helpdesk ticketing and notification systems using webhooks, including Slack and Teams. If you receive a notification of issues, you can manually reboot any system from your computer. In cases where automated repairs prove unsuccessful, a technician is dispatched to your location, and your designated contact will receive a call from the Solutionz help desk.

Optional Integrated Cybersecurity

Solutionz RMM offers an optional cybersecurity alert system, setting it apart from any other remote monitoring and management service. This unique feature is designed by our team of cybersecurity experts with decades of experience. Given the ever-evolving threat landscape, continuous monitoring for intrusions, safeguarding your network and components, and providing peace of mind.

Solutionz extends an invitation to join the wave of organizations saving valuable time and money by adopting workflow automation for AV systems management. The result of deploying Solutionz RMM includes reducing downtime, maximizing productivity, and propelling your organization forward, free from the frustrations of troubleshooting.

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