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See High ROI on Videoconferencing Tech Investments

Posted by Molly Malone on May 13, 2022 9:32:14 AM

Anne was deeply disappointed in the Spring of 2020 when she made the reluctant decision to temporarily close all the offices in her company and ask everyone to work from home. As an investment advisement firm, meeting with clients one-on-one was vital to the business model. Having the doors closed meant that Anne needed to find ways to keep her customers and employees engaged; emails and phone calls could only do so much to communicate. Fortunately, her research showed her how videoconferencing was revolutionizing the financial services industry and she quickly pivoted to bring her business back online. By Spring of 2021, Anne’s team was showing even greater levels of efficiency and profitability.  

Credit unions, banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, accounting firms, consumer finance companies, stock brokerages, investment funds, and individual asset managers all come under the umbrella of financial services. Like other economic sectors, financial services have had to accelerate their digital transformations to serve clients and consumers in an increasingly virtual world. Video conferencing provides financial services with powerful tools to conduct business but with a caveat: special attention to cybersecurity compliance is crucial for success. 

Trust is the number one concern for a financial institution’s customer relationship success. Videoconferencing allows organizations to maintain trust with clients through face-to-face interactions while also offering the convenience of remote access to financial experts. Studies vary, but it is safe to say that more than 50% of communication is non-verbal. Videoconferencing enables client representatives to read a customer’s facial expressions for emotional responses that may indicate levels of comprehension and satisfaction; these non-verbal clues are at the heart of maintaining trusting relationships.  

Given the importance of good communication, quality audio and video are vital components of virtual customer service. Solutionz, Inc., a professional AV integrator, offers all-in-one videoconferencing systems for individuals working from home and performs site surveys to get the exact specifications of meeting rooms to properly size equipment based on the acoustic and lighting conditions. With the variety of videoconferencing options available, Solutionz’s account executives and engineers recommend high-quality systems to meet a client’s needs and budget. 

Realizing a strong ROI on videoconferencing hardware and services is a given considering the amount of time and money saved by both businesses and clients. To save even more time and money adopting videoconferencing technologies into an organization’s workflow, Solutionz offers Digital Adoption and Training Services (ADTS). After understanding the goals of adopting new technologies, ADTS) customizes training for teams to quickly learn and integrate new processes into overall departmental workflows. The amount of time saved with personalized training quickly pays for itself in increased efficiency, productivity, and morale.

Finally, and most importantly, working with a qualified AV integrator who plans for cybersecurity compliance is key to a strong ROI on technology investments. As an AV integration partner, one of the goals of Solutionz is to save IT departments’ time and not create more work for them. To ensure that all components on the network are properly protected from outside threats, professional AV engineers review network security policies provided by a client’s IT department before systems implementation. Our sister company, Solution Security, can create comprehensive organizational cybersecurity compliance plans, but Solutionz earns your trust by ensuring that AV components on your networks are safe and secure and not creating surface threats for cybercriminals to exploit.

Contact Solutionz, Inc. to design new audio visual environments, upgrade existing equipment, or get a quote for Solutionz Support Services which include training, maintenance and repair, remote monitoring and management and even the placement of a full-time AV tech at your location. Solutionz is dedicated to making your business better through state-of-the-art communication and collaboration technologies! 


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