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In the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, Solutionz, Inc. recently hosted its annual sales conference at the Hilton Phoenix Tapatio Cliffs Resort, bringing together our dynamic sales team, visionary leaders, and top manufacturers for a transformative experience. Against the backdrop of innovation and collaboration, this event was a catalyst for exploring the forefront of audiovisual technology and support services.

Elevating Industry Standards

The Solutionz, Inc. 2024 Sales Conference provided a strategic platform for our team to engage with industry leaders & subject matter experts, delve into the latest advancements in audiovisual solutions, and gain insights into emerging trends. With the theme “Ignite Your Purpose” and a blend of fire and ice elements, the conference ignited passion and precision, inspiring our sales professionals to push boundaries and exceed expectations.

A Feast for the Senses: Attendees experienced a visually stunning environment where fire and ice collided, stimulating and inspiring them with fiery entertainment and frozen escapades.

Solutionz, Inc.’s Welcome Reception featured a fire dancer, ice luge, and gift bags for our attendees. 

Fiery Sessions: Dynamic presentations by event speakers ignited innovation, motivated sales goals with a powerful keynote presentation, and unleashed inner powerhouses through interactive breakout sessions.

The event featured keynote speaker Matthew Emerzian, founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Every Monday Matters (EMM), a not-for-profit organization committed to helping people and organizations understand how and why they matter. All attendees received a copy of his book, "You Matter.: Learning to Love Who You Really Are".

Icy Insights: Guests at the event sharpened their focus with data-driven strategies, broke the ice with networking opportunities, and navigated challenges with cool-headed confidence.

Michael Frank, President of the Southeast Region at Solutionz, Inc., expressed his enthusiasm.

“This conference was unlike any other – It was extremely special because we invested time to unite team members across the company, especially with teams from the last two years of acquisitions.  Throughout this conference, we forged stronger internal and external relationships and partnerships.  Solutionz continues to grow, offering our customers many benefits for their projects.  At this conference, we introduced to our sales team, amazing enhancements to our service offerings.  They are excited about incorporating our advanced service features and benefits into our customers’ current and future projects.” - Michael Frank.


Awards Gala & Casino Night

Solutionz, Inc. set the night ablaze with our dynamic Fire & Ice Awards Gala, a celebration filled with energy, recognition, and sheer excitement as we lauded our team's outstanding achievements. Awardees of the CEO Circle, CEO picks, Sales Achievers, and the esteemed Million Dollar Club were celebrated for their exceptional achievements. As the evening progressed, the thrill continued with a dynamic casino night, creating unforgettable memories of laughter and friendly competition.

Jill Armand, President of the Northeast Region at Solutionz, Inc., described the strong sense of unity and teamwork that was evident during the event.

 “I'm thrilled to share that our sales team is truly a force to be reckoned with! Since joining Solutionz through the initial acquisition in 2015, I've witnessed the addition of eight more sales teams – seeing Solutionz evolve into something truly remarkable. The atmosphere at the 2024 SKO was electric, brimming with smiles, genuine collaboration, and, of course, lots of fun! It reaffirms that Solutionz is more than just a workplace; it's a tight-knit community where everyone is genuinely happy to contribute and be part of something greater. Witnessing our team thriving and united towards our common goals is incredibly inspiring. Proud to be part of Solutionz!”- Jill Armand. 

AV Technology Vendor Fair

The AV Vendor Fair provided Solutionz, Inc.’s trusted partners with an exclusive opportunity to showcase their latest products and solutions to our dedicated sales team and industry leaders. This dynamic exchange is aimed at keeping us ahead of the curve, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation. Attendees seized this opportunity to network and forge bonds with fellow industry leaders who share our passion for pushing boundaries and redefining success in the AV world.

“I, and our entire team, look forward to spending time with our great partner Solutionz and their customers whenever we can.  But their SKO is something we look forward to even more every year.  It’s a great event and a chance to continue growing our partnership each time. The addition of the Golf for Hope event gives even more meaning to be able to help such a worthy cause!”-  Art Foxall, Territory Sales Manager at Legrand AV.

Continuing the Tradition of Giving Back

Following the excitement of the sales conference, Solutionz, Inc. hosted the 9th Annual Golf for Hope charity tournament, raising $150,000 in donations for City of Hope, a non-profit cancer research facility dedicated to providing treatments and cures for cancer, diabetes, and other life-threatening diseases. This event, initially launched in 2015 by Spinitar, has become a symbol of hope, collectively raising nearly $1 million to aid individuals and families affected by critical illnesses.

Guests enjoyed a day at Lookout Mountain Golf Club where they got to engage in various contest holes, including a thrilling cannonball launcher, an exciting longest-drive and closest to the pin competition, in addition to a hole-in-one contest with a grand prize of $1,000. Attendees also had the opportunity to win other prizes throughout the day, including special raffle prizes donated by the event sponsors.

“Once again, Golf for Hope, coupled with the Solutionz Vendor Fair, set the bar. The opportunity to connect with industry colleagues and partners and have real conversations regarding the audiovisual challenges we face is essential to the success of the higher ed vertical. Thank you to Solutionz for your dedication to our industry and for providing that opportunity for us in higher education to come together under your leadership. And... it’s all the better when we get to help raise funds for such a worthy cause! We can’t wait to support you all again in the coming years.” - Joe Way, HETMA Chair and Co-founder.

After a fun-filled day of playing 18 holes amidst the breathtaking scenery of the cacti-filled Sonoran desert and the lush Phoenix North Mountains, guests gathered for a captivating cocktail and dinner reception. The evening featured a special guest speaker, Krissy Kobata, who shared her powerful story of overcoming a life-threatening illness with the support of City of Hope.

“Our sincere thanks to Bill Warnick, Barry Green, Katie Rogina, and the entire team at Solutionz for hosting our 9th Annual Golf for Hope!  Nowhere in Phoenix could the spirit of camaraderie, compassion, and generosity have been more palpable than on March 6 at Lookout Mountain, with the event setting an all-time fundraising record of $150,000 in support of life-saving cancer and diabetes research and treatment at City of Hope. What truly sets Golf for Hope apart is the spirit of everyone involved – everyone unified in wanting to make a difference in the lives of people who need it most.  Again, thanks to the entire Solutionz team for their outstanding support, and we look forward to breaking more records together next year for our 10th annual Golf for Hope!” - Andy Ishii, Director, Corporate Philanthropy at City of Hope.

Following Solutionz's acquisition of Spinitar in 2022, the Solutionz, Inc. team is grateful and excited to carry forward this meaningful tradition, uniting the AV community in a collective effort to make a lasting impact. The Golf for Hope tournament served as a powerful reminder of our commitment to community outreach and philanthropy, as well as our dedication to creating unforgettable memories while contributing to a cause greater than ourselves.

Embracing Innovation and Compassion

As Solutionz, Inc. looks towards the future, we remain steadfast in pursuing innovation and compassion. Through events like the annual sales conference and charity event Golf for Hope, we not only elevate industry standards but also nurture a culture of giving back, empowering our team to make a positive difference in the world.

“These events truly represent the Solutionz culture at its finest.  We came together as one team devoted to ensuring our company remains among the very best; as a sales organization and as contributors to an amazing cause in City of Hope.  I am honored to lead the Solutionz team and proud to work alongside these individuals every day.” - Bill Warnick, Chief Executive Officer at Solutionz, Inc.

Thank you again to all of our sponsors! 

About Solutionz, Inc

For over two decades, Solutionz, Inc. has delivered reliable, comprehensive, and best-in-class audio-visual systems to businesses across North America. From consultation to installation to grant advocacy to technical support and post-installation service, Solutionz has been recognized by industry experts as a leading A/V Integrator. Through organic growth and acquisitions, Solutionz continues to expand its geographic footprint to better serve the needs of Fortune 500 companies, law offices, healthcare providers, government agencies, education institutions, and more. For more information, visit: www.solutionzinc.com

About City of Hope

City of Hope's mission is to deliver the cures of tomorrow to the people who need them today. Founded in 1913, City of Hope has grown into one of the largest cancer research and treatment organizations in the U.S. and one of the leading research centers for diabetes and other life-threatening illnesses. As an independent, National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center, City of Hope brings a uniquely integrated model to patients, spanning cancer care, research and development, academics and training, and innovation initiatives. Research and technology developed at City of Hope has been the basis for numerous breakthrough cancer medicines, as well as human synthetic insulin and monoclonal antibodies. A leader in bone marrow transplantation and immunotherapy, such as CAR T cell therapy, City of Hope’s personalized treatment protocols help advance cancer care worldwide.

With a goal of expanding access to the latest discoveries and leading-edge care to more patients, families, and communities, City of Hope’s growing national system includes its main Los Angeles campus, a network of clinical care locations across Southern California, a new cancer center in Orange County, California, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America. City of Hope’s affiliated family of organizations includes Translational Genomics Research Institute and AccessHope

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