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Pexip Cloud Is A Customizable Collaboration Solution For Everyone

Posted by Ashley Jones on Jul 8, 2021 12:23:47 PM

A video conferencing solution offering more than HD video and high quality audio, Pexip Cloud conferencing platform delivers a host of tools and features that use AI to bring adaptive technology to collaborative experiences.

Collaboration Features

Pexip Cloud features are designed with workflow and seamless integration in mind. With automated scheduling and one-touch join, sending and accepting meeting invites is a breeze. Once in the meeting, participants can take advantage of two-way content sharing capabilities and group chat features. Managers and meeting hosts have intuitive controls for viewing and managing participants, along with the ability to lock meeting rooms and set PINs for hosts or guests. And for organizations looking to expand their audience, live streaming and recording options make it possible to deliver content directly from a meeting to third-party platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitch.

Adaptive Composition 

Using AI-powered technology, Pexip Cloud spotlights the active parts of your meeting without being intrusive. Adaptive Composition makes real-time adjustments to framing (by cropping, panning and tilting) to keep people centered and in focus while reducing distractions from unnecessary background in the frame. With machine learning, Adaptive Composition continuously adapts to the dynamics of meetings allowing the visual flow to match the flow in conversation.


Pexip Cloud works well with other platforms. Joining standards-based video conferencing from vendors like Cisco, Poly and Lifesize, is easy and enables content sharing across platforms. Additionally, Pexip employs WebRTC letting users join Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, and other standard video conferencing meetings from the web. Everything works in the browser, eliminating the need to install a plug-in, app, or third-party client-side software.


Managed Services or IT departments can leverage Pexip’s monitoring and management tools to ensure everyone using the platform is enjoying a top notch user experience. With live and historical call quality and performance analytics, problems can be quickly identified and addressed. Analytics enable usage data tracking and scale on demand to measure ROI and determine videoconferencing needs as organizations grow. 


Pexip’s features provide the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. With customizations, adding branding to meetings with logo watermarks, background images, animations and icons is easy. Familiar user interfaces allow everyone to feel confident that they have arrived in the right place!

Learn more about Pexip Cloud and sign up for a free trial to test the different features. If you have any questions about pricing and implementation, please contact us and one of our experts will get back to you right away. Looking for something else? Use our Advanced Search tool to find a collaboration solution that works for you. 


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