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The Transformative Power Of The Huddle Room

Posted by Ashley Jones on Apr 12, 2018 10:52:00 AM

What if we told you there was a very simple way to increase productivity, reduce your company’s real estate footprint, save money and keep your remote employees happy? Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not. You must simply embrace the beauty and power of the huddle room.

Increased Productivity

The limited space in a huddle room makes for exclusive guest lists: there will only be room enough for the people who are absolutely essential. Larger conference rooms might be good for presentations and speeches, but when it’s time to solve a problem, a private and intimate space is the way to go. As a meeting’s guest list grows, so too does the chaotic distraction that can ruin a brainstorming session. Huddle rooms eliminate this flaw and allow for focused teamwork that won’t be derailed by stray conversations and needless interruptions.

Shrinking Space

Your remote employees don’t need you to provide them with the standard amenities and supplies like private offices, cubicles, desktop computers and assorted other accessories that on-site employees can and should expect from an employer. And with all of that infrastructure out of the way, you can convert some of that newfound extra space into multi-purpose huddle rooms that accomodate visiting remote employees. And whatever space is left has no reason to be there, really, so you can easily shrink your operation--at least the part of it that manifests as real estate.

Saving Money

And what happens when you don’t need as much office space? You save money. A recent Cushman and Wakefield survey found that the average annual rent for office space was $29.45 per square foot. Which means a 20-by-40 conference room will end up setting you back about $55,000 every year. A 12-by-12 huddle room, on the other hand, costs about $10,000 per year. That’s over forty grand in savings. So think about how often you actually use that conference room. Is it worth $55,000 per year? How much work actually gets done in that room? And can that work be conducted more efficiently in a huddle room? These are questions worth thinking about. A lot of money rides on them.

Remote Happiness

Your remote employees might spend most of their time working from home, but there will be times when they might want to enjoy the camaraderie of office life. Or they might have an important video conference that requires the quiet and privacy of a huddle room. The reasons don’t really matter--the point is that remote employees won’t be remote 100% of the time. So they’ll need a place to land when they decide to work at the office. A huddle room makes for a perfect temporary home for visiting employees.

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