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SMART 6000s Displays: The Dynamic Future of Education

Posted by Ashley Jones on Jul 28, 2021 10:19:21 AM

Most students in the U.S. will be returning to in-person learning in the fall; but the last year has proven that remote learning works. Even if we never see another school year like 2020-21, remote education is here to stay. From elementary schools to universities, students who cannot attend in-person classes full time will be served through remote access to classrooms. And educational institutions will need multimedia tools like the SMART Board 6000S, Smart Technologies’ latest innovation in educational technology. 

Simple to deploy and easy to support, SMART Board 6000S features industry-leading interactivity and learning tools that bridge the distance between remote students and in-person classes. 

"As so many teachers, students, and families have found, it has been difficult to replicate the warmth and accessibility of in-person classrooms through remote instruction," said Nicholas Svensson, SMART's Chief Executive Officer. "Enabling educators to reach remote students directly from their SMART Boards, using the same functionality they and their students are most accustomed to, will inject renewed ease and familiarity into the interaction. We're so excited to give educators and students a new way to dissolve the gap between in-person and virtual classes."

SMART Board 6000S is a standalone collaboration hub--no computer is needed. iQ, powered by Android, gives teachers access to whiteboard tools, templates, activities, device interactivity, internet access and content delivery. With OneDrive and Google Drive files accessible, everything needed to create and deliver engaging and interactive lessons is included.

The Tool Explorer platform enables teachers and students to use objects like cubes, stamps and pens to interact with most formats of digital content. SMART Board 6000S allows twenty simultaneous interactions, meaning an entire class can write, erase, gesture, and use tools at once. Students can collaborate in ways that feel intuitive to them, with no need to interrupt workflow to manage tools or switch modes. 

Teachers can also share whiteboards and lessons to student devices, which gives each student an unobstructed view of all classroom content. And with features like Shout it Out and Monster Quiz, teachers can make group work and formative assessments fun and engaging. 

The future of hybrid education is here! SMART Board 6000S has paved the way! Video here:

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