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Sharp NEC Teams With Avery Dennison To Launch ActiveScene

Posted by Ashley Jones on Jul 1, 2021 11:42:50 AM

Sharp NEC, the newly minted joint venture of Sharp Corporation and NEC Display Solutions, has announced an exciting new partnership with Avery Dennison and the result is an innovative new display solution called ActiveScene. By combining Sharp NEC’s cutting edge projection technology and Avery Dennison’s Vela Dynamic System window film, ActiveScene transforms windows into captivating displays that can tell your company’s story in a fresh new way. 

"ActiveScene is a game-changing solution that brings together the best of Avery Dennison and Sharp/NEC,” said Rich McPherson, Senior Product Manager at Sharp NEC Display Solutions. “We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to provide customers with innovative solutions, and ActiveScene gives users the ability to transform unused space into dynamic video canvases with the push of a button.”

“Our partnership with Sharp/NEC enables us to mix the physical with the digital,” said Abby Monnot, Marketing Director at Avery Dennison. “The ability to transform existing real estate into an interactive, engaging solution that draws users in elevates what companies can do and gives them the opportunity to communicate like never before.”

Avery Dennison’s smart window film turns any window or glass surface into a canvas onto which AV content can be projected. Instead of bulky displays taking up valuable wall space, windows turn into screens whenever you need them. When ActiveScene is not in use, the glass remains transparent. This mixed use solution is perfect for organizations that value flexibility and dynamism. 

With this innovative technology, retailers can transform storefronts into multimedia advertising displays and corporate offices can turn conference room windows into presentation screens or colorful privacy screens. The applications are endless. The only limits are your imagination.  

ActiveScene is available with three different Sharp NEC projectors (PX1004UL, PA803UL and P605UL) and include various brightness options suitable for different kinds of spaces. 

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