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The Importance Of Digital Signage In The Time Of Covid-19

Posted by Ashley Jones on May 19, 2020 2:04:42 PM

We’ve written before about the importance of digital signage in an increasingly dynamic marketplace. The foundation of any public display strategy should prioritize responsiveness and flexibility, and those are precisely the qualities that a digital signage solution will bring to your advertising and customer outreach.

Digital signage solutions from providers like Industry Weapon, give organizations the ability to tweak their messaging at a moment’s notice. At any other time, we’d probably be writing about how to use the malleability of digital signage to marshal an effective advertising strategy or keep your clients engaged with your company’s story. But now, with COVID-19 changing nearly everything about the way we live and work, we are thinking about the ways digital signage can be repurposed to deliver essential health and safety information in this challenging and confusing time.

In the same way video conferencing and collaboration solutions are keeping us all connected while we remain "Safer At Home", digital signage solutions can help keep us safe and informed when we leave the house for the essentials. 

Precaution Reminders

For essential businesses that have remained open, digital signage can be employed to disseminate timely information about safety measures specific to COVID-19. Everything from social distancing recommendations to hand-washing facts can be brightly and boldly delivered to customers and employees alike. We have been asked to change our behavior in so many ways these past few months, and frequent reminders help us all stay vigilant.

Crowd Control

Large gatherings have mostly been eliminated around the world, but essential businesses like grocery stores and hardware stores can still get pretty packed. Crowd control is the name of the game for such places. Something as simple as standing in line has become a complicated dance, and it’s safe to say we are all still a little bit confused about proper shopping etiquette. It doesn’t help that official recommendations seem to be constantly changing. Makeshift paper signs are far too easy for nervous shoppers to miss. Businesses with digital signage, however, can transform their screens into unmissable markers that tell people where to be and when.

Looking Ahead

The current crisis also illuminates new ways we might use digital signage in the coming months and years. With AI integrations, digital signage solutions can double as data collectors, using temperature sensors and facial recognition to monitor and maintain the health and safety of crowds.

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To find out how Solutionz is continuing to meet the needs of customers during this time, read this statement from our CEO, Bill Warnick.



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