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LG is a premiere manufacturer of digital signage and room display solutions, combining spectacular visuals and business-friendly functionality. With LG’s UM3DG-H series of displays, large screen signage takes another giant leap forward. 

Premiere Picture Quality

LG’s UHD displays feature crisp resolution more than four times higher than the full HD offered for the consumer market. The UM3DG-H series also features an anti-reflective surface treatment and wide viewing angles, so everyone can see what’s on screen, no matter where they’re sitting and regardless of environmental conditions. 

WebOS Smart Signage

LG’s intuitive and expansive WebOS platform includes everything needed to turn the display into a multimedia hub. From content management to live streaming, WebOS makes it easier than ever to tell a story using images. External sensors (temperature, pressure, RFID) can be added via USB plug-in to gain even more functionality.

In the Meeting Room 

Whether you’re hosting an intimate execs-only meeting or delivering a company-wide presentation, LG’s UHD displays are the ideal vehicle for messaging. With support for Crestron Connected  and compatibility with Cisco Spark Room Kits, this series integrates seamlessly with the video conferencing and collaboration tools.


LG’s signage solutions are an IT dream. With Control Manager, the status of multiple displays, no matter where they are, can be controlled and monitored in real-time from one central location. LG’s ConnectedCare service, makes maintenance worry-free; the cloud-service solution remotely manages displays and provides fault diagnosis and remote-control services 24/7.


LG’s large screen displays work for more than conference rooms and corporate lobbies. With classrooms around the world embracing digital collaboration to connect with remote students, LG displays are becoming ever more important for educational content delivery and engagement. 

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