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Cisco Spark

Cisco Spark helps modern teams work together. Sign in to create rooms with group messaging, content sharing, video calling, and desktop sharing.


  • Group Chat set up a chat room for each of your teams in seconds, and check in from all your devices. 
  • Video Calling just tap or click to begin an HD video call with one person or the entire team.
  • Security share with confidence knowing that your messaging and files will only be seen by the people they’re intended for.

Product Features

  • Start a 1:1 video call or host a video meeting in a room with up to three participants.
  • Enjoy unlimited 1:1 and group messaging.
  • 5GB of free content storage per user.
  • Create an unlimited number of rooms. 
  • Participate from a mobile device, computer, or web browser for anywhere, anytime collaboration.
  • Be notified when new messages or files are posted in a room.
  • Review a history of messages and files so that everyone stays up-to-date regardless of time zone or location.
  • Easily share content
  • Preview images and PDF, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint documents instantly inside the room without having to download them.
  • Integrate your mobile calendar and contacts.
  • Work confidently with end-to-end content encryption so that only the intended recipients can read shared messages and files.




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