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We help you design, engineer, integrate and manage collaborative Audio Visual Integration (A/V Integration) projects while minimizing the bottom line. This process transforms what would otherwise be a difficult, costly and unpredictable experience into a low-stress, less expensive and predictable process. Contact us for all your audio visual needs. What is "AV Integration"? Find out more AV Integration!

Conference Rooms

Your meeting rooms are where decisions are made, deals are signed, and breakthroughs emerge. As the hub for communication your conference room should be done your way.

Huddle Rooms

Today’s businesses require collaborative rooms that allow small groups of to work together utilizing state of the art audio, video and collaborative displays.

Network, Security & Infrastructure

Management and security network solutions provide the tools to  monitor and implement enterprise video collaboration and enable seamless communication.

Commercial Displays

Large format displays are a dynamic way to present your message with the “wow-factor” you are looking for with high resolution and high impact.

Custom Rooms

Your meeting rooms are an extension of you and your business and they should be done your way. Take the first step and contact us today to start designing!

Integrated Maintenace

Integrated Maintenance provides access to our highly trained and certified technicians to ensure reliable operation and longer life for your A/V and conferencing facilities


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Take a look at a few of our audio visual integration (av integration) projects to see how we can help you design the perfect room to meet your specific needs.