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Logitech Rally Bar

An all-in-one video conferencing solution with cutting-edge AI technology, stunning optics, and powerful audio.

Logitech Rally Bar

A Premier Choice for Medium to Large Meeting Rooms




Seamless Video Conferencing for Medium and Large Rooms

Experience a remarkably simple setup with the Logitech Rally Bar, featuring advanced optics, AI-powered audio, and remote management capabilities via Logitech Sync. Perfect for medium to large meeting spaces, it ensures every participant is seen and heard clearly.

Certified for Business

Leverage the platforms you already use with confidence. The Logitech Rally Bar is certified for leading video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet.

Logitech Mini Rally BarFlex Graphic

Expand the Conversation

Extend Audio Range: Add up to four Rally Mic Pods to expand the audio pickup range, ensuring every voice is heard and providing easy access to mute controls.


Everyone is Seen & Heard

AI Video Intelligence: Advanced AI technology delivers clear video intelligence for seamless meetings.
Superior Sound Pickup: Capture every word with advanced sound pickup and noise suppression.
Continuous Improvements: Benefit from ongoing software updates for a consistently natural meeting experience.

Manage Remotely with Sync

Monitor room and device health, deploy updates and adjust settings effortlessly from a single, cloud-based platform using Logitech Sync.

Connect With an AV Expert to Learn More About the Logitech Rally Bar