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Modern offices and classrooms are a complex ecosystem of technology and people. With a control system at its core, an interconnected environment makes work and learning more effective and efficient.

Imagine if you could push one button to start presentations, turn on projectors, lower projection screens or turn on a video display and start a videoconference, all while adjusting lighting, window shades, and air temperatures. The seamless experience of starting a meeting or class with a programmed control panel leads to greater productivity, comfort, and, yes, pleasure. Control panels empower users to feel confident that systems will easily deliver desired content and functionality during important meetings and presentations.

Think of control systems and the programmers who write the customized code for your room as the brains behind the operation. With specialized skills specific to audio visual integration, programmers customize the look and operation of a touch panel to control all aspects of a room’s technologies. Without a control panel, a remote would be needed for each technology component. (Everyone knows the challenges that come with keeping up with and operating remote controls!) Control panels can do way more than a remote control could ever do, even be programmed to turn on lights and AV equipment automatically when someone walks in the room!

With videoconferencing systems, users can switch between inputs using a control panel, allowing others to present remotely or in the same room. Camera operation is made simple, allowing the user to adjust a single camera for close up or zoomed out views or to move between multiple cameras; for instance, switching from one camera showing the entire room to another camera focused on an interactive display or another part of the room. Mute functions for microphones allow presenters to control when microphones are turned on and off, controlling who can be heard during a meeting.

AV integrators are key to implementing unified communications systems. Solutionz has your back when it comes to integrating new technologies into your space. Contact us today and let us show you how we can help you stay ahead of the curve in today’s interactive technology landscape.

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