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Legrand AV Vaddio Videoconferencing Cameras

Vaddio videoconferencing cameras offer plug-and-play simplicity for all cloud-based conferencing applications.

Vaddio Videoconferencing Camera

Easy to Collaborate in Any Space, With Any Conferencing App

No matter which cloud-based conferencing application you prefer, Vaddio cameras will work with your app.


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Huddle Spaces

Up to 7 People and 200 Square Feet

For huddle spaces, Vaddio recommends a video conferencing camera with a wide angle lens to capture more participants in a small area. If your employees are bringing laptops to the huddle space to collaborate with others using cloud-based collaboration services, then USB/BYOD-friendly solutions are important as well.

Small to Medium Conference Rooms

Up to 10 people and Approximately 300 Square Feet

Although the environment may change, your core requirements for efficient and dynamic collaboration remain constant. Crestron Flex is your assurance that, no matter the setting, you'll be equipped with superior audio/video capabilities, effortless video and wireless conferencing, and intuitive room control.

Large Conference Rooms

Up to 16 People and Approximately 500 Square Feet

For larger conference rooms, Vaddio recommends a videoconferencing camera plus microphones and speakers for high-quality audio on both ends of the meeting. A PTZ or ePTZ camera (electronic pan-tilt-zoom) allows for camera movement during the meeting. Cameras with a built-in balanced audio I/O allow for easy integration with existing in-room audio systems.

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