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Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS)

Whether you want a cloud-based communication solution for your business or you prefer the privacy of an on-premise approach, we have the Communication as a Service solution to meet your exact specifications. Whether you are a large enterprise or a thriving small business, we can design and implement the right communication strategy for you. 

Communication Your Way

Unified Communication as a ServiceWe are experts at providing Unified Communications (UC) solutions and leveraging the power of VoIP. Utilizing the unified communication model created by ShoreTel in 1998, we can seamlessly bring together VoIP telephony, instant messaging, video conferencing, mobility, presence, and collaboration capabilities into a seamless business environment.

Modular Architecture

Our modular architecture means you can run ShoreTel’s unified communications on our solid-state appliances, virtualized on your servers, or in a “mix and match” environment of both.


Whether you want to run centralized or distributed, we give you the flexibility to run your business phone system network your way. We can deliver every scenario from just the basics for a single location to a multisite contact center with CRM and desktop sharing. We can even deliver a fully hosted solution in the cloud. With brilliantly simple VoIP, PBX and mobile solutions tailored to your phone system needs, we strive to make UCaaS quick and easy for our customers.

You can choose from any of these expert solutions: 

  • On-Premise IP PBX: Ideal for organizations that want hands-on control
  • Cloud-Based VOIP: For companies that want to get out of the business of running a phone system
  • Powerful Application Integration: Unify your phone systems with core CRM, ERP & other business applications.
  • Rich Unified Communications: Bring together voice, instant messaging, conferencing, mobility, presence, and collaboration to empower your employees.
  • Make Your Broadband Connections Fly: InSpeed Quality Service (IQS)™ delivers reliability along with clear voice and video while simultaneously making your cloud and hosted services run faster.





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