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Solutionz offers a variety of command and control center solutions that help improve workflow and operation processes for any organization or environment.   


Regardless of industry, command and control centers should give your staff valuable insight into company assets that they can act upon. Whether yours is a command center that pulls in real-time social media data, or tracks IT systems across the enterprise, or enables you to monitor and control asset exploration, we combine our wealth of knowledge, manufacturer partnerships, and experience to deliver the environment and experience you require.

Command and control rooms must work all day every day. Organizations use these spaces for mission-critical projects. As the backbone of command and control operations, AV/IT technology systems must simplify use and maximize efficiency. Our customers take advantage of our experience and success record with new remoting technologies to remotely manage and remove teammates from high-risk, high-expense environments. Adding our 24-hour on-site and remote technical support of these critical spaces minimizes downtime and increases efficiency. We have helped our customers develop solutions that provide consistent functionality and user experiences within existing infrastructure components and new buildings.

Solutionz has deep experience designing and building command and control centers for organizations in both the public and private sectors. Our end-to-end solutions deliver on all aspects of your center’s environment – from cabling, IT infrastructure and systems integration to functional design that includes the physical positioning of data displays, lighting, and furniture.

We provide:

  • Programming and interface design are tailored to your application
  • Manufacturer partnerships. These enable us to provide advanced solutions for collaboration and image composition, including Christie MicroTiles, and the Barco Transform C
  • Ongoing support. Includes help desk and remote system monitoring for transportation, utility, energy, natural energy (wind and solar) and military operations Onsite operator system training
  • PMI Certified Project Management Professionals
  • EMI-FEMA NIMS Certified Technicians 

We've established a close partnership with leading mission-critical communication provider, Quintron Systems. Quintron is a solutions-driven engineering and manufacturing firm with half a century of proven performance in the design, development, installation and integration of Business and Mission Critical Communications and Security solutions. Quintron’s reputation for high-quality products and engineered solutions is paralleled by its commitment to ongoing product development and system support. Quintron is passionate about the success of every project and we are obsessed with our customer’s satisfaction. It is Quintron’s mission to be responsive to customer requirements by delivering cost effective, high quality solutions on time and within budget.

Throughout Quintron’s history, federal, state, local and international agencies of the government, including the DoD, the Intelligence Community, NASA, major prime contractors and private industries have depended on Quintron to deliver state of the art solutions to address evolving Business and Mission Critical Communications and Security challenges. Learn more about Quintron




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